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Crafted for consulting

Keep track of client data, quickly develop new business, manage projects, and launch your consulting firm to new heights with an embedded Microsoft-centric management practice solution.

Microsoft Industry Cloud Solution
Microsoft Cloud solution for consulting firms

Take your consulting firm to new heights on

Microsoft 365

Built on the Microsoft Cloud and honed by’s expertise as a leading Microsoft partner, our innovative solutions empower your consulting firm to soar.

Build bespoke workspaces

  • Create hubs for each role, enabling staff to complete their tasks without sifting through irrelevant clutter.
  • Leverage quick view tiles to see metrics at a glance and navigate with a single click.

Enjoy seamless collaboration

  • Enable collaboration with an end-to-end Microsoft 365 experience.
  • Assign tasks to team members and track progress in one place.
  • Dive deeper into data with advanced reports and make informed, confident decisions.

Keep pace with clients

  • Spend less time searching for the latest data and more time impressing your clients.
  • Manage client information and enjoy an up-to-date database.
  • View client records from desktop and mobile, anywhere, in any timezone.

Develop new business

  • Qualify and develop outstanding leads to develop new business quicker than ever.
  • Gauge relationship strength and identify opportunities for business development.
  • Synchronize data to create one source of the truth from bid to bill.

Meet your automated assistant

Stay on top of busy days with the empower assistant enabling you to:

  • Quickly check targets and track goals.
  • See updates and alerts as they happen.
  • Stay informed and adapt on the go.
  • Intuitively find client information with a comprehensive search function.'s Industry cloud solutions for project tracking

An extension of your firm

  • Customize the empower and evergreen interface to suit your brand and make the system feel and look like home.
  • Customized role-based hubs show teams exactly what they need the second they log on.
  • Manage the billing process from the intuitive interface of Microsoft Teams, and conduct advanced changes to invoices with ease. evergreen and empower makes the creation and sending of invoices easier than ever, without compromising on detail.
Microsoft Industry Cloud Solution
Microsoft Cloud solution for consulting firms

Tracking time has never been easier

evergreen is built to be flexible and cater to your team’s preferences. Use a timer, fill timesheets retrospectively, or fill the gaps with a suggested time entry.

Plan leave and time off with an integrated people performance suite, native to Teams-based dashboards for added convenience.

Effortless implementation for complex requirements

sa.go! supports your transition to a new software solution as efficiently as possible. We offer post-launch support to ensure a pain-free transition through an easily consumable monthly package for endless scalability and longevity.

Since evergreen and empower are embedded in platforms your team uses daily, you can ensure painless adoption across your entire business.

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