• Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Lubricants, Paint and Lacquers

    Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Lubricants, Paint and Lacquers

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    Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Lubricants, Paint and Lacquers

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Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Lubricants, Paint and Lacquers

Chemical manufacturers face increasing pressures from both environmental and government agencies to conform to strict regulations. So it is only natural that this sector requires special ERP solutions specifically developed to meet industry requirements.

In addition to regulatory requirements, the usual increased customer focus and the need to keep pace with ever changing markets means chemical manufacturers need adaptable, robust internal processes from sales to manufacturing and across the entire supply chain. Every day, a company is required to deliver quality and ensure environmental protection and safety, whilst not neglecting to develop the right products, new business processes and intensive marketing.

These often conflicting success criteria are fulfilled by an ERP solution which maps all the chemical industry's business processes. SAGlobal offers the YAVEON ProLife Industry solution built on Microsoft Dynamics AX as a fully integrated state of the art business solution which provides the flexibility needed to continually improve business performance for the Chemical Industry.

  • Industry Challenges


    • Supply chain efficiency
    • Local varieties
    • International standards

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  • Industry Challenges


    • Market changes
    • Product updates
    • Volatile purchase prices
    • Complex recipes
    • New business processes

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  • Industry Challenges


    • REACH
    • SOX, Basel III
    • Operational safety
    • Warehouse cadaster
    • Hazardous substances

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  • Industry Challenges


    • Controlling
    • Label printing and Scanne integration
    • RFID and logistics
    • Quality control
    • Quality and risk management
    • Document management

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Dynamics-based ERP solution with integrated industry expertise

Our solution offers the chemical industry a set of ERP solutions and modules based on Microsoft Dynamics that allow you to optimise your value creation chain, facilitate safe manufacturing processes and improve your logistics and delivery capacity. The solution will support all your business processes whilst maintaining compliance with regulatory and industrial standards and implementing your internal quality guidelines.

We understand the issues of controlling continuous production processes synonymous with the chemical industry. Our customers include manufacturers of lubricants, pigments, acrylics, specialty chemicals and coatings.

YAVEON ProLife Industry solution built on Microsoft Dynamics AX

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  • On the basis of our unique industry expertise, we have developed a solution for businesses in the chemicals industry, which include all relevant business processes and go far beyond the functional scope of traditional ERP systems. Our industry solution includes hazardous material management, rolling production planning, CAPA or process document management.
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  • Besides the purely functional aspects, our customers rely on the industry experience of our experts because business processes are firstly optimally implemented in IT systems by the correct consultation, to be able to make its actual potential truly usable. Therefore, our employees assist and advise you mainly with clear recommendations. The experience from numerous projects precisely shows that implementation of individual customer business processes of the chemicals industry are very highly rated by our customers close to standards. Your employees thus understand which different kinds of processes can be converted and are therefore enabled to react quickly, flexibly and primarily individually to changed market conditions.
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  • Basel III, SOX, IAS
  • Lot Traceability
  • Operational safety and GHS
  • Hazardous substances
  • ISO 9000ff, 14000, 14065

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Key Features

  • Batch traceability
  • Quarantine handling
  • Tote tracking
  • Multi-site production facilities
  • Multiple units
  • Product and packaging variations
  • Regulatory compliance & GMP
  • Potency
  • Hazardous goods (MSDS)
  • Shelf life
  • Quality management

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Key Functionality

  • Finance
  • Lot management
  • Production and recipe
  • Quality assurance and supplier monitoring
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Harzardous materials management
  • Quality and process management
  • Document management
  • Business intelligence
  • Compliance

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Microsoft Dynamics + ProLife for the Chemicals Industry

  • Optimisation potentials in a supporting business area

    Production includes many areas beginning with research and development and production of sample loads, carried over to recipes and manufacturing instructions up to graphic production planning and KANBAN. This allows process optimisation and IT control to a particularly important, but also especially challenging task.

    An example from a chemical supplier

    Thus, for example, we have improved the production process at one of our customers in the following areas and thus significantly improved its operative performance: Due to the introduction of the production instructions, bills of materials and work plans are processed and released at a new central position. The attached workflow clearly automates the release process and reduces the processing time. Moreover, rolling production planning was introduced, which also considers historical values and forecasts from customers. Bottlenecks are quickly discovered, set-up and down times reduced and lead time increased due to the graphical representation. Coupled with the creation of customer-specific product labels including symbols for hazardous materials and instruction texts, manual work steps are reduced to a minimum.

    We have implemented the following improvements for our customers with our solutions:
    • Extended workbench and outsourcing, embedded in the production planning process and logistics
    • Flexible batch management for batch split or mixed batches with complete traceability
    • Pre and post calculation
    • Concentration-dependent ingredients / reagents reduce the manual expense of production planning and raw material procurement enormously; increase in product quality.
    • Subject to data changes due to further development of product and production.

    Our customers rate the solutions from the company YAVEON for one of the most important business areas (production) of their companies and are thus optimally placed for increasing competition and increased cost pressure, and remain competitive, thanks to cost reduction and process acceleration.

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  • Quality is our fundamental principle

    Hardly anything influences customer relations more than quality. we therefore look particularly closely at this area and support our customers with a solution that corresponds to the requirements of our customers and their customers, and satisfies all guidelines with respect to compliance. Traditional tests are included in the overall value creation chain, e.g., incoming goods inspection of raw materials, in-process test in the manufacturing order or stability test of new products as well as store articles.

    In this regard, we pursue a clear objective: Quality must be safe and stable and processes transparent. This is what our customers particularly value, especially in times when regulatory requirements increase continuously - the processes must remain manageable.

    Our solution includes the following functionalities for quality assurance in the chemicals industry:

    • Incoming goods inspection of raw materials, first deliveries and sample batches with skip batch procedure
    • In-process control of the production for each manufacturing order or process step
    • Re-Testing of MHD extensions / extension of the durability
    • Batch release via graphical workflows (multi-level) and 4-eye principle
    • Drawing up analysis certificates
    • Product specifications of customers and suppliers including individual quality codes
    • Revision-proof administration of all documents (automatically generated within the process or present externally; scan)
    • Inspection tool administration and periodic testing (e.g., calibration)
    • Qualification check of employees for different test methods or test equipment
    • Extensive CAPA Management for generating, processing or delegating requests and documentation including integration of other documents
    • Process and quality management for secure administration of documents (SOP, manufacturing instructions, test specifications, etc.) of versions and process-related provision of documents for employees on a day-to-day basis
    • Connection to Labour Information Systems (LIMS)
    • Evaluations and codes for the quality sector

    We live quality – we satisfy the quality requirements of our customers internally as well and thus consider ourselves to be at eye-level with our customers of the chemicals industry. Due to our skills in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, we are audited and have to publish our product development processes transparently; for this reason we can advise our customers in the quality sector from our personal experiences.

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  • Export is complicated. We simplify it for you.

    Our customers survive from exports and we help you to ensure that transport does not remain a bottleneck The following questions always need to be answered whenever goods are transported, be it within the EC or worldwide:

    • To which country is the delivery being made?
    • Is there an embargo or export ban on this country, or is there an approval obligation for my products?
    • For what purpose is my customer using the goods?
    • Does US-law play a role herewith?
    • Is my customer listed on a sanctions list?

    Our solutions support your employees on a day-to-day basis in answering these questions and thus ensuring that you satisfy all requirements and that all documents are present in the respective applicable version. In addition, we can help you to reduce your delivery times and pass on price advantages to your customers with respect to origin of goods and preference calculation.

    Moreover, you can benefit from the following solutions:

    • Export checks with tests regarding critical business partners, country embargoes, goods and end use.
    • Determination of the export control number
    • Licence administration of approvals with regard to dual-use goods.
    • Consideration of EU and US law (re-export)
    • Customs clearance with generation of all required shipping/transport papers for national and international shipping (EUR1, TR6, A.TR., etc.)
    • Consideration of the REACH provision
    • Sanction list screening of critical business partners
    • Preparation for shipping, consignment creation and deadline notification at the warehouse-side
    • Container management with storage position/volume consideration
    • Administration of forwarders, freight carriers, delivery types and cost tables
    • Transport planning for incoming and outgoing supplies and route administration

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  • Extensive support by an sector-specific system

    More active sales time and quick, reliable delivery time commitments: make your sales team even more successful! You need a solution for this that supports your sales team extensively and decisively relieves it.

    We help the sales teams of our customers in this manner to create their quotations easily from anywhere, and track them via the reminder function. Current quantities in stock can be viewed, reservations made easily and delivery times precisely committed. With changing purchase behaviour, current trends can be recognised quickly and necessary forecasts derived. Because sales generally learns about changes in market requirements first.

    Our customers require solutions for sales which are becoming ever more complex in order processing. Topics like VAT ID determination, (INCOTERMS) or export controls are determinant for the chemicals industry. This complexity can be reduced with our solutions, while simultaneously fulfilling all compliance guidelines. In short: We provide the best conditions to be able to face competition.

    Moreover, our customers benefit from our solutions in the following sectors:

    • Integral CRM with campaign management, external sales force and offline functionality
    • Administration of individual customer price lists, graduated prices, volume discounts (in percent, as fixed amount or multi-level)
    • Quotas on products, volumes, product groups and total amounts per order
    • Automated inter-company processing with own and associated companies
    • Export controls and customs clearance with shipping/transport papers for international shipping (EUR1, TR6, A.TR., etc.)
    • Storage of documents by process, file attachments or e-mails with search function
    • Easy dispatch of documents like delivery notes, product specifications or safety datasheets with EDI integration
    • Provision and bonus invoicing for sales, agents and customers.

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  • We cannot eliminate your administrative effort. But we can reduce it.

    According to market studies, employees use more than 12% of their work time in looking for and managing documents, on average. This means that almost every eighth work minute can only be used administratively and non-productively, and this generally depends on the system. Also, and especially in the area of document management, we thus see an especially large potential for improving work processes on the basis of suitable IT (thus solutions for administering, storing, searching, versioning or sending documents).

    A concrete example: simple and revision-proof storage

    And here is a concrete example of how such an improvement can look: For example, we integrate page lists for storing documents not only in ERP systems, but also in Microsoft Outlook. Your employees can then find the corresponding customers over the structure tree and simply store an e-mail including an attachment by drag 'n' drop in a revision-proof manner. File structures ensure a clean document archive (e.g., offer map, order map, lot map). Along with the comfortable search, your employees can quickly access available documents, where mostly fragments of a lot number often suffice to be able to find files or even e-mail contents.

    Business processes: Automation of the document dispatch

    Our solution offer is complemented with respect to your business processes. Our solutions are also able to automate the dispatch of documents, besides the real-time print of a product specification or a work instruction / SOP in connection with a production order. Thus, your customers always receive current product specifications sent to them at regular intervals, upon the first order of a product, each change in product specifications and at least once a year.

    We call it: up-to-date document management, simple, transparent, automated. It ensures that the administrative effort, although not eliminated, can be significantly reduced.

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  • Working more simply and quickly. And securely.

    Our customers derive enormous improvement potential by integrating expert systems for hazardous substance administration. Our solution for the area of hazardous substance management goes over and above pure classification of your products and integrates the process holistically in the value creation chain. Creating (customer-specific) labels in production including hazardous substance symbols and references (GHS) also belongs to the scope of service like the topic fields of prohibition of clustering, hazardous substance information on internal logistics documents (e.g., pick note), ADR point calculation or creating, managing and sending security data-sheets.

    Employees of our customers work noticeably more quickly, easily and safely with our solutions for hazardous substance management.

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  • A key element of the value creation chain

    This sector is assigned a key role in chemicals companies as a combining element between raw material purchase, production and shipping. This is only recognised when they have become bottlenecks. Our customers know about this circumstance and have accordingly been successfully advised by our experts.

    Optimisations in the Storage & Logistics area often originate .from fields of topics, which firstly have little to do with IT, rather can be assigned much more easily to the area of process advice. Optimising the store structure, integral consideration of the value creation chain or analysis of error points are explained as a result of the process advice of its conversion in the IT consideration via modern business IT.

    Our solution includes:

    • Mobile working in the store and in all the work sites, online and offline.
    • Inter-company and extra-company transport
    • Administration of consignment warehouse (customer-side and supplier-side)
    • Possible separation of raw material, production and dispatch stores in an arbitrary locations and addresses.
    • Integral lot feedback for raw materials, intermediate and finished products at any time of the value creation chain.
    • Chaotic store administration while considering FEFO (first expired - first out) and MHD
    • Connection of high rack stores or expert WMS Systems
    • Store classes, store accessories, store areas
    • Consideration of hazardous materials, rearrangement instructions, prohibition of clustering, label printing with hazardous material symbols.

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