Nucleus Research: Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers $16.97 for every dollar spent

Nucleus Research; Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers $16.97 for every dollar spent

This Nucleus Research study examines the experiences of Microsoft clients and published return on investment case studies on deployment. The companies were using Microsoft solutions to drive greater collaboration, improve operations and processes, and analyze and act on data.

Assessing the current value of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Nucleus found that during the first three years of deployment, for each dollar spent a company recovered an average of $16.97. It was also found that the integration of business capabilities such as ERP, CRM, and HCM with Office 365, Power BI, PowerApps and Azure offered even greater value than the average for enterprise resource planning (ERP) - $7.23; and customer relationship management (CRM) - $8.71. Companies taking advantage of Microsoft’s investments in cloud and usability as well as integration and analytics were able to achieve significant returns by increasing productivity and revenues and reducing costs.



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