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Boost your success rate, extend your market reach, and expand your business by partnering with

Why partner with’s partner program empowers a select set of partners to leverage our industry-leading Microsoft ISV solutions for professional services industries.

Expand your offerings with our full-fledged industry solutions: evergreen and empower. Fuel your growth by accessing our ISV support program that includes enablement content, tools, and a dedicated learning platform – all designed to help you grow your business alongside ours.

Elevate your business by partnering with us

Continuous innovation

We invest heavily (USD 15 million+) in product development to ensure that you always have winning solutions in the market.

A clear winning edge

Gain a clear market advantage with evergreen's proven 80% success rate in securing professional services contracts.

Faster value realization

sa.go! gets your clients up and running in six months, reducing implementation time and speeding up partner payouts – a win-win.

Deep industry expertise

Our solutions aren't just software – they encapsulate 15 years of extensive knowledge about project-based businesses.

Supercharging you for success

Partner with us to amplify your brand, dominate the market, and reap transformative benefits.

Growth support

We offer dedicated support, open communication, and collaboration to help you make the most of industry opportunities.

Brand enhancement

Join forces for co-marketing, joint campaigns, and promotions to elevate your brand visibility.

Training programs

Access tailored training, webinars, and workshops to learn about our platform, services, and opportunities.

Partnership rewards

Benefit from incentive structures such as revenue-sharing models and performance rewards.

Be an innovation leader

Comprehensive support, industry-leading solutions, and rewarding incentives to empower your success – that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Take the first step today and connect with us to explore how our partnership can propel your business forward.