NAV for building and public works

The building and public works sector is considered to be one of the most important sectors of the national economy as it actively participates in the realization of infrastructure and building projects with all the positive repercussions on the employment field.

The building and public sector has just started to use the ERP platforms.

The new information technologies have long remained the poor relation of this segment oriented above all towards the field of the management of a customer relationship in a very personalized mode.

Along with the design tools, construction companies are then looking for quotation applications, and site planning management as well as accounting & operational monitoring of interventions (HR, Payroll, etc ). The companies realized that an integrated solution made it easier to obtain global activity supervision dashboards while improving the quality of the information by eliminating the re-entry. offers the NAViBat solution designed for companies & subsidiaries of construction who aim to have a modern and integrated business.

Navibat is a site management solution for companies operating in the building sector

NAViBat is not a simple site management software, it is a real ERP that allows project managers to have a tool for managing their projects. It also provides instant reporting to analyze and monitor the progress of your business at real time.
Designed on the basis of the Microsoft NAV integrated management solution. Navibat is an ERP specifically dedicated to building Business Management.
With more than 200 equipped companies and more than 300 users, NAViBat has become a reference solution for SMEs and subsidiaries of the construction sector.

NAV for building and public works: Functionalities

NAViBat covers the management cycle of a building company from quotation to dashboards.

Eliminate disparate IT systems

The « Business » sheets will enable the budget analyzes, the calculation of WIP (Work In Progress), and the development of monitoring

implementing a Microsoft solution

Human Resources Management (including temporary workers) is easier with Navibat, allowing the management of the prepayment and interfacing with main payroll software on the market.

customize their system to adapt to changing business conditions.

Tenders, procurement and Inventory Management

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