• sa.global releases legal360 Fall 2019 update for Microsoft Dynamics 365

    sa.global releases legal360 Fall 2019 update for
    Microsoft Dynamics 365

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    sa.global Releases legal360 Fall 2019 Update for Dynamics 365

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  • sa.global releases aec360 Fall 2019 update for Microsoft Dynamics 365

    sa.global releases aec360 Fall 2019 update for
    Microsoft Dynamics 365

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    sa.global releases aec360 Fall 2019 update for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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sa.global Supports Mental Health Awareness Week

sa.global Supports Mental Health Awareness Week

Last week sa.global supported Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 and what a week it was! We had Loud Socks Day, a team Tea & Talk, a team member shared a story with us relating to mental illness and we all enjoyed a picnic by the lake. We even participated in Dreadful Drawings and our internal GlobalU webinar series was also focused on Mental Health!

We also hit our target of raising £200 for the mental health charity, Mind. Thank you to all who donated and made this week a big success! Here's a look back at all the activities from the week here at sa.global.

sa.global Selected to Deliver Talent to Global Mission Organisation

sa.global Selected to Deliver Talent to Global Mission Organisation

Headquartered in Sanford, Florida, the client, a Christian Mission not-for-profit organisation, provides support services and training to missionaries and members around the world. Founded in 1942, the organisation operates bible, mission, and aviation training institutes in multiple locations in the U.S., and provides donor management, fund disbursement and tracking, and core payroll and benefit services to over 3,000 members across the globe.

Currently, the client uses a legacy, homegrown system as their core ERP system for accounting functions, payroll and benefits management, and donor management processes. In addition to the current system there are many sub-systems required to support these functions. Due to the very old architecture of the existing systems (built on a FoxPro database), and the inherent limitations and complexities of scaling this architecture for globally integrated processes, the client has developed a digital transformation strategy to modernise their business applications using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The client has already begun deploying Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM) for tracking contacts and relationships for members, donors, and potential future members. In addition to the Dynamics 365 CRM solution, the client will now be deploying Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as their core accounting platform as well as for their funds tracking and disbursement processes. The client will also be deploying Dynamics 365 for Talent to manage their core HR and talent management processes for members, applicants, and employees.

This program will support a strategic shift for the client to leverage applications-as-a-service and focus on its core mission as opposed to maintaining homegrown systems and an on-premise infrastructure.

By implementing Dynamics 365, the client is hoping to replace the old system with a newer, more flexible technology platform that can easily integrate with other corporate systems to drive efficiencies and an integrated flow of information across the organisation. The client also aims to reduce the number of disparate systems required to support the organisation, set foundation for streamlined support processes for their members, and reduce manual data entry and manipulation to improve efficiency and productivity levels across the organisation.

sa.global Announces an Accelerated Product Roadmap for LexisOne Practice Management Solution

sa.global Announces an Accelerated Product Roadmap for LexisOne Practice Management Solution

Roadmap includes a user ‘persona’ approach to drive ease of use and new Client Matter Inception module

26 March 2019, sa.global Europe HQ

sa.global today announced an accelerated product roadmap for the LexisOne Practice Management Solution. sa.global Group CEO, Stephen James, said, “We aim to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution across all aspects of modern Practice Management and Enterprise Relationship Management. Today’s announcement is the result of the successful merger and collaboration of LexisOne and sa.global. We have coupled sa.global’s expertise on Microsoft platform capabilities in Mobile, PowerApps and BI, with LexisOne’s deep legal domain knowledge, to dramatically accelerate the creation of a fully integrated and complete solution.”

Commenting on the ease of use being an important factor in the user adoption story of enterprise software, Stephen continued to say, “The Dynamics 365 finance solution is an incredibly powerful finance and billing solution, which is very well-designed and adapted for back office and finance staff. For fee-earning and support staff, our technical strategy is based on a ‘persona’ approach, whereby they can leverage an intuitive modern graphical environment, which is consumable via a variety of means, including mobile, workflow and portal technology. Microsoft terms this as the “Intelligent Edge”.

Ease-of-use, integrated functionality and the cloud platform continue to be our key differentiators. We are building a solution that fully leverages the finance and billing capabilities of Dynamics 365 along with the ease-of-use and productivity of the Microsoft Cloud business platform.

First on the product road map is a module for Client Matter Inception (CMI), which we plan to release early summer 2019. Along with CMI, sa.global will also be releasing an entirely new mobile timesheet solution that is based on the PowerApps platform, available across iOS, Android and browser formats. This solution will be competitive with the best of breed applications from well-known vendors in the space and is fully integrated with the back-office Finance and Business Intelligence suite. The initial version will incorporate core timesheet capabilities, while the later versions will leverage advanced capabilities such as AI, to auto-populate the data.

Finally, we are also working on integrating and adapting our existing BI platform from the ’Projects+’ solutions for professional services firms. This work will quickly add a complete range of over 30 operational, financial and KPI reports to LexisOne.”

While sa.global as a company is a newcomer in the legal software arena, the product LexisOne is based on deep legal expertise. We believe our Dynamics 365 pedigree, together with LexisOne’s knowledge in the legal domain will change the perception and position us as a real player in the sector.

sa.global will be hosting a breakfast briefing on Dynamics 365 in the Legal market at Microsoft's Paddington offices, 23rd May, 2019. For further information on the LexisOne product roadmap and the overarching Legal360 offering, please pre-register your attendance here as seats are limited.

Further information on LexisOne can be found at lexisone.saglobal.com.

sa.global Featured in Briefing Magazine

sa.global Featured in Briefing Magazine

In a recent interview with Briefing Magazine, Stephen James, CEO and founder of sa.global discussed the opportunity for law firms to take advantage of cloud-based enterprise resource planning and client relationship management alongside, Whit McIsaac, CEO Americas, at sa.global. In this interview, we hear why our professional service-focused business is the perfect fit for LexisOne, formerly owned by LexisNexis.

Built on the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, LexisOne is a fully integrated business management suite providing practice management, time and billing, accounting, and human resource management capabilities. sa.global has provided ERP and CRM solutions for some time and when reflecting on our history, CEO and founder Stephen James explained,
“It was around eight years ago that we first decided to focus on professional services as one specific industry. Other companies in our area tended to be generalists, and we knew that we needed a different strategic direction to stand out from the crowd.”

Working within professional services is complex, and law firms represent the most specific requirements due to how the legal sector is structured. A platform such as this offers law firms more than the traditional practice management offerings that have dominated until now. In this interview, we find out exactly how sa.global intend to contribute to the LexisOne product in a way that its former owner could not.

In 2016, the launch of cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 saw ERP combined with CRM alongside other business functions such as customer service and human capital management. ERP became Finance and Operations, and CRM rebranded as Customer Engagement. As an out-of-the-box solution this was revolutionary, but it didn’t come with the full needs of the legal sector in mind. Independent vendors were encouraged to build on top of the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. In this sector, 360 Vertical Solutions, owned by Whit McIsaac, emerged as a key player, building solutions (known as Cloud embed) on top of the Dynamics 365 customer engagement platform.

In July 2018, a unique opportunity arose and sa.global merged with 360 Vertical Solutions, who bring with them 30 years of experience of law firm CRM processes and over 40 customers across the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. On the merger, Whit McIsaac, now CEO Americas for sa.global, stated,
“We integrated our Legal360 CRM and relationship intelligence product suite, and immediately also launched the implementation and support offer for the legal market globally.”

Although an already fascinating merger, there was more to come in shaping a future product for the legal sector. Only 45 days into this new and exciting merger, another opportunity came into play – this time with LexisOne. In a position to offer a revamped product for the legal market that had been carefully crafted over a five-year period, that would sit on top of Microsoft Dynamics 356 Finance and Operations was an opportunity that could not be ignored and that would ultimately lead to sa.global becoming a heavy presence within the legal sector. Commenting on the LexisOne product, Stephen James, CEO and founder of sa.global stated,
“Typically, law firms have had to stitch together multiple best-of-breed systems – specialist solutions – across their office networks.”

The key difference with an end to end alternative is a single platform, which operates across business functions and unifies international and systematic silos. This consistency of platform across organisations will benefit the whole business and see greater efficiency in the training of lawyers on technology alongside more general use within data management. Systems that are familiar and easy to use generally enjoy better traction and faster uptake during the digital transformation of a business.

Stephen James, CEO and founder of sa.global stated,
“With the Dynamics platform on which Legal360 and LexisOne alike are based, you don’t find yourself in a situation where you’re jumping in and out of different systems to complete a process. Everything, from finance to sales and marketing, interoperates within the Microsoft Office suite of applications, in the same way that CRM did in the past. And when it’s time to report on work you aren’t pulling data in from as many sources, so the information is also more current, accurate and consistent.”

Discussing the platform, James also adds,
“It’s a platform for the entire organisation, with intelligence and communication tools that can be leveraged as required for the task or problem in hand.”

One of only 12 global independent software vendor (ISV) partners, sa.global’s Legal360 IP has been certified for Microsoft field sales. sa.global are excited with this new offering and as we continue to work on research and development and feedback to Microsoft on the experience of our clients across the globe, we look forward to creating products that are even more effective than they are already.

Read the interview in full here: https://www.briefing.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Briefing-Mar19-DIGITAL.pdf

Nick Meredith joins sa.global as European Sales Director

Nick Meredith joins sa.global as European Sales Director

sa.global are excited to confirm that Nick Meredith has joined the business and will lead the European sales division as European Sales Director. Nick came to sa.global following a 18-year strong career at Microsoft, working across the global networks including EMEA, APAC and the USA. Before arriving at Microsoft, Nick spent 8 years at SAP and 3 years with Oracle.

On joining, Nick stated, “I landed here at sa.global six weeks ago and what an experience with the energy buzzing around the company. I arrived with no expectations but have to say been blown away by the professionalism, level of business we are engaged on and the welcome from all. Onboarding of some of the components of the LexisOne acquisition have consumed much of my time but as I surface from this important work it will be great to lay the foundations for an energised sa.global in Europe and ensure seamless cooperation across our worldwide regions.”

With nearly thirty years of experience, Nick will be responsible for UK Sales and Business Development. He will also oversee sales and strategy more widely across European regions including France, Switzerland and the Nordics. Nick’s expertise and depth of knowledge in the Dynamics platform coupled with his success working across global enterprise markets, positions him as one of the most experienced team members at sa.global in the delivery of multi-national digital transformation projects.

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