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Microsoft Catalyst: Conceive and realize your most ambitious business priorities

Until now, organizational transformation has been about adapting to technology, a one-size-fits-all approach. Little thought is given to organization-specific challenges; more importantly, to the people who are affected by the change. The Microsoft Catalyst framework shatters the status quo, where you become the change driver.​

People centricity

Microsoft Catalyst takes a people-centric approach. Transformation is driven by engagements that bring your organizational stakeholders and our subject matter experts together to translate your business and operational expectations into technology-led solutions.

Immersive workshops

The Catalyst comprises highly interactive and immersive envisioning and design-thinking workshops aimed at helping your stakeholders articulate their challenges. Also, an important part of the approach is promoting collaboration and alignment between stakeholders who may have varied expectations from the transformation initiative.

Purpose-led strategy

Each phase of Microsoft Catalyst is devised such that you ultimately arrive at a strategy that encapsulates your business goals and stakeholder expectations, while factoring in quantifiable improvements in ROI, cost savings, revenue growth, and productivity improvements.​

At, we are committed to the value that Microsoft Catalyst brings to the table. As a preferred Microsoft partner, we leverage it to help achieve your most desired and pressing business priorities. We bring you the right mix of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Cloud. Adding value are our unique solutions – a result of our experience serving project-based businesses across the world.

Microsoft Catalyst relies on the IDEA (Inspire, Design, Empower, Achieve) framework to help you conceive and realize your business transformation strategy.

The Inspire phase is all about jointly discovering the right transformation strategy fueled by creativity.

These participative sessions encourage collaboration and promote cohesion across the functions of your organization. Our experienced technical and functional consultants assume the role of objective third-party moderators.

The activity begins by contextualizing your clients, people, products, and operations and building a strategy around them such that it aligns with your business objectives.

The phase consists of participative design thinking and envisioning workshops involving stakeholders from all the functional departments of your project-based business and synergizes their varied expectations from the transformation initiative.

Watch to know how envisioning workshops help

The phase consists of participative design thinking and envisioning workshops involving stakeholders from all the functional departments of your project-based business and synergizes their varied expectations from the transformation initiative.

Microsoft Catalyst: Design thinking approach

Microsoft Catalyst Framework

Measurable positive impact – nothing convinces stakeholders better.​

That’s precisely the reason why the Microsoft Catalyst framework places high importance on this phase. The design part of the framework is all about quantification of proposed business outcomes expressed through key metrics such as employee efficiency, cost savings, and revenue growth. The intent is to give the stakeholders a clear picture of “what is” and “what will be.”​

What role do our functional consultants play in the design phase?

  • Build a compelling case for change, supported by numbers​
  • Assess what technological and business impact the change would have​
  • Gauge which Microsoft solutions are needed to streamline your processes​
  • Chalk out a phased roadmap to take your organization to the desired future state​

A glimpse into what transformation would look like.​

We understand that stakeholder buy-in is a part of organizational adoptability of transformation but there is more to it. All employees who will be impacted by the transformation must get a glimpse into the future state. It not only promotes inclusivity but also adds enthusiasm to adopt the new.

In order to achieve this, we create immersive visual experiences that are tailored to your organizational processes.

Here’s what we do in this phase

  • Visually demonstrate the eventual outcomes through POCs​​
  • Aid your organization to foresee the value in transforming​
  • Conduct personalized demos so that there is organization-wide comprehension​​

It all boils down to the execution plan.​

This is the point where we open up our huge pool of resources that are best suited for your business transformation initiative. We prepare you for what lies ahead with a tailored plan that takes into account your core systems.

Here’s what we do in this phase

  • Help you achieve the business objectives that were jointly agreed​​​
  • Technical deployment to connect people and systems​
  • Value measurement by factoring in time, people, and finances​

By this phase, we would have already defined the scope of the transformation as well as its impact. Having realized the value of transformation, you will now receive a crafted proposal.​

We, at, add to the Microsoft advantage by bringing our deep understanding of the professional services industry. Our consultants have built, tested, refined, and continually updated a unique set of solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power Apps, and Azure. We bring you rapid, cost-effective solutions that are preconfigured for multi-legal entities and ready for rollout anywhere in the world.

Insights for business transformation

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