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Enhance your performance and reinforce your business

Seamlessly integrate project management, client relationship management, timekeeping, billing, and finance management from the comfort and familiarity of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Industry Cloud Solution

Work smarter, not harder

Boost collaboration and efficiency across architecture, engineering, and construction projects. As a leading Microsoft partner,’s innovative solutions empower you to leverage data securely throughout every project phase, all within the familiar environment of Microsoft Teams.

Onboard new clients with confidence that all data is secure and ready to be leveraged across the client journey.
Move from proposal to project easily, reducing work-at-risk with a managed sale cycle.
Work efficiently and stay on target - all from Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Cloud solution for Architecture and Engineering

An inbuilt shoulder-tap when you need it

Help teams stay on target, stay informed, and exceed their goals. Prompt-based support lets staff see their monthly target goals and how far along their projects are. Updates can be scheduled to arrive whenever appropriate to maximize their productivity and help them stay informed throughout the day.'s Industry cloud solutions for project tracking
Microsoft Industry Cloud Solution
Find project details and critical project information through easy-to-use search terms and prompts.
Record time with a single command and fill the gaps in three clicks with the suggested time application.
Track projects, resources, and more to stay on the front foot, hit project goals, and manage timelines easily.

Effortless project management

Enjoy more accessible timekeeping and planning with empower’s Microsoft Teams-based solution.

A helpful suggestion-based task tracker links directly to calendars, so timesheets will always be up to date and can be completed in three clicks.
Managers can create tasks and delegate them to team members and colleagues. This enables team leaders to quickly see who is working on what and how far along they are to ensure project deadlines are consistently met.
Microsoft Cloud solution for Architecture and Engineering's Industry cloud solutions for project tracking

Stay connected, stay on target

Stay connected in a supercharged project-based fashion across departments, offices, and continents, all within Microsoft Teams.

Easily share project assets by sending attachments directly through Microsoft Teams.
Stay close to work-at-risk projects an automated database calculating time and costs.
Leverage real-time resource management to allocate project tasks accordingly.

Online or on-leave?

Staff can immediately request sick leave through our Teams-based assistant app. When they return, the assistant will proactively ask them if they are available for work or require more time off.
Microsoft Industry Cloud Solution
Project managers will be informed at every stage via Microsoft Teams when resource availability changes. They can see who is away, when resources are returning, and set automatic replies.

Your finances in one place

Our financial management platform accounts for the complex billing environment of the architecture, engineering, and construction management world.

Painlessly manage multiple fee structures and the complicated billing for supply and materials with variable pricing.
Gain a complete view of cost analyses with a fully functioning dashboard from day one to make accurate, data-driven decisions even faster.
Enjoy a finance platform tailored for you and your business’s specialized workload. Our dashboards are role-specific and fully configurable to each department and team.
Microsoft Cloud solution for Architecture and Engineering's Industry cloud solutions for project tracking

Build it your way

sa.go! is an easy-to-consume package paid on a per-month, per-user basis for infinite scalability and longevity. Applications are configurable to work with your brand, colors, and working methods. As a bonus, our team offers round-the-clock support after launch to ensure your team is fully empowered to do their best work. Your business can adopt the new solution frictionlessly with everything on a single platform and entirely within the Microsoft Cloud.

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