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Navigating the winds of change: A survival guide for service firms Part 3: Weathering client relationships with trust

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About the event

Client relationships play a critical role in Professional Services Organizations (PSOs). Strong client relationships translate to increased deal sizes, higher customer loyalty, and opportunities to cross-sell. This means having a compelling business strategy which helps you identify and connect with the right buyers, personalize the way you engage with them, and maintain trust. However, not every PSO is successful at client engagement due to a siloed approach, scattered data, or lack of streamlined processes for sales and business development.

As with many challenges today, technology holds the key. A well-planned customer relationship management (CRM) strategy can become a strategic tool to identify avenues of growth and improve sales performance by allowing firms to:

  • Build and manage client relationships armed with data and insights
  • Target customers with relevant and personalized messaging
  • Sell smarter with contextual AI
  • Boost productivity through connected tools
  • Innovate with sales solutions built to evolve

We will tell you more about building client relationships and identifying new opportunities with process-driven CRM in this webcast + round table where our panel of experts from Microsoft as well as sales and marketing leaders discuss:

  • Key marketing and sales performance metrics for professional services firms
  • What leading firms today are doing differently in marketing and sales to be more successful
  • How technology has allowed firms to personalize engagements
  • An overview of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can help your services firm optimize sales and marketing practices