VMS Camaleon

A complete solution to steer your vehicle dealership business

Drive your dealership’s growth and profitability

VMS Camaleon: Drive your dealership’s growth and profitability

The automotive retail industry is shifting into high gear as clients expect more from their buying experiences. Vehicle dealerships need to evolve in order to provide seamless personalized sales that connect to the client through digitalization and technology.

Transformative technologies are the key to automate processes and connect automotive retailers to all processes of the business in order to gain complete visibility into dealership operations and improve efficiency, increase profitability, and run the business effectively.

VMS Camaleon helps you manage your vehicle dealership in a structured manner, through an open and collaborative platform that connects retailers, manufacturer systems, clients, and partners. The solution digitalizes vehicle retail workflows to ensure that your business runs effectively and efficiently, boosting performance and current/ future profitable growth.

The solution covers dealership functions across departments and locations – amalgamating client information via cloud-based software from pre-sales, sales, showroom, service, spare parts, finance and accounting, marketing, and reporting. You get a bird’s eye view of your business, from high level insights to low-level details to help you make better decisions across the board.

VMS Camaleon is fully integrated and powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the flexibility to integrate with other systems within your IT ecosystem.

A modern, flexible solution covering all functions of your dealership business

Vehicle Sales Journey Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
VMS Camaleon
Vehicle Sales Journey Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Sales: Automated sales stages cover the entire client journey
  • Purchasing: Automated and integrated process across order-inventory-trade-ins
  • Inventory: Real-time information on stock and cost
  • Customer Service: High service standards offered to every client by providing options and accurate/ timely information
  • After Sales Service: Enhanced performance through optimized workforce utilization and effectively controlling driving factors
  • Finance and Accounting: Real-time transactions and accurate analysis across the entire organization from any location with flexible and customizable reporting
  • Management: Real-time bird's eye view and forecasting
  • Marketing: Real-time data analytics, reporting, and profiling for better understanding of clients and campaign results

Drive measurable impact on your business performance

Drive profitable growth
Drive profitable growth
Accelerate sales, reduce costs, and streamline operational processes with technology and automation
React in real time
React in real time

Stay up to date with high level and real-time insights to ensure adequate reaction and decision time

Enhance client experience
Enhance client experience

By reacting effectively and in real-time, give your clients a next-level experience of your dealership business and processes

Mobile friendly
Mobile friendly

Access your business across departments and locations anytime and anywhere from your mobile


Three layered security features to access operations related to sales and service management while keeping your data safe

Get a truly seamless client experience at your fingertip with Digital VMS Camaleon. Empower your dealership business functions easily from Microsoft Teams and from any device – mobile, tablet, or laptop – anytime and anywhere.
  • Monitoring and imports management
  • Discount limits by model
  • Vehicle availability screen
  • Configuration by model
  • Model copy
  • Budgets and sales objective management
  • Trade-in management
  • Registration fees
  • Transfer management
  • Reporting
Spare parts
  • Constructor master data
  • Local master data
  • Discount limits
  • Replacement and substitution items
  • ABC classification
  • Inventory management
  • Codification by bar code
  • Brands to win management
  • Vehicle and spare parts matching
  • 3600 customer view
  • Opportunity management
  • Marketing actions
  • Sales cycles
  • Interactions tracking
  • Performance monitoring
  • Level up
After sales service
  • Service master data
  • Campaign reminder management
  • Service BOM
  • Appointments management
  • Resource capacity
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Service contracts management
  • Warranty management
  • Invoices split
  • Sales analysis by model
  • Sales analysis by type
  • Sales analysis by salesperson
  • Vehicle availability and reservation
  • Comparing realized budget
  • Service turnover
  • Appointment time

sa.global portfolio

Company overview: Ford Michaels Automotive is a leading automotive company in Cyprus dealing with vehicles, parts, and service.

Solution: Ford Michaels Automotive chose VMS Camaleon as the solution assured them of a technology that stays current with automated updates and latest features. The support from sa.global ensured that they had a running system to achieve all their business needs.

Ford Michaels Automotive

Outcome: With VMS Camaleon, Ford Michaels Automotive was able to:

  • Get a clear picture of available vehicles either in the Inventory or Purchase pipeline; sold vehicles either on Sales Order or Invoiced, down payments made, trade-ins, registrations, road tax purchasing, and discounts given that are controlled by Discount Limits per User Group
  • Control and manage spare parts
  • Carry out ABC inventory analysis
  • Interface with Ford E-CAT and suppliers to send purchase orders and receive purchase invoices
  • Manage service campaigns, service packs, invoice split functionality, internal charging, and SMS notification to clients

“Working together with the sa.global team for the past 13 years has made us into a better company and unit. Our partners and team have helped as achieve our goals and we are aiming even higher for the future. We could not have achieved this without sa.global, and through the years and hard work, we have turned into a family.”

– Director, Ford Michaels Automotive


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