Has your business outgrown your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution?

In the case of Microsoft Dynamics NAV users, there are signs that indicate your business has outgrown your ERP. For instance:

  • You know you can improve sales if only you could better predict client purchase behavior
  • You fail to find the time for strategic tasks as you are completely tied down with day-to-day operational activities
  • You know you could control Accounts Receivables better if you knew which of your clients may be stretching their payment deadlines
  • You are seeing a duplication of efforts since certain information requires a manual key-in instead of an automatic feed-in

In most cases, NAV users do not realize that these signs, if left unresolved over a period of time, could have a negative impact on the overall business.

Watch this webcast to learn more about:

  • Identifying such NAV upgrade signs
  • How these can affect your business
  • Importance of treating these now, with the new hybrid working culture
  • Options to address these with a NAV to Business Central upgrade


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