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    ❭ Optimise your Value Creation Chain
    ❭ Facilitates Safe Manufacturing Processes
    ❭ Improve your Logistics and Delivery Capacity

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    ❭ Optimise your Value Creation Chain
    ❭ Facilitates Safe Manufacturing Processes
    ❭ Improve your Logistics and Delivery Capacity

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ProLife for Chemicals Industry

In the chemical industry, fulfilling seemingly counteracting success criteria can often be complicated. The only way to do so is by committing to a solution, that can automate, map, and intervene in all related business processes. This includes everything starting with the production up to corporate planning, as well as all tasks necessary from supplier to, in the end, the customer. Transactional electronic data and unstructured documents have to be managed. This is where ERP, BI, DMS, and BPM have to contribute to a complete business IT solution.

ProLife is Built on the Microsoft Platform

Based on Microsoft’s integrated technology platform, YAVEON’s business solutions are able to create a product that fits seamlessly into your IT infrastructure. In many cases, chemical manufacturers have to keep their processes fast and easy in order to remain in the competition with the customers’ wants and needs. In order to do so, a flexible system is needed, which can adapt to any given market fluctuation.

Microsoft Dynamics + ProLife for the Chemicals Industry

  • YAVEON offers an efficient solution to manage and control all processes in the chemicals industry. No matter if you have to control formulation or manufacture large batches under contract, everything can be managed. External manufactured products can also be integrated in the testing process, as well as contracts and invoices. YAVEON supplies a solution where demands can be planned ahead and consequently, storage can be run as efficient as possible. This solution is most popular in the traditional and high-end chemicals industry.
    Furthermore, the system recognizes a new contract and mostly automatic, sends the information for the order to be sent; meaning, YAVEON builds a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics, Share Point and the YAVEON Pro product family, which can optimize your valued added chain while enabling secure production processes. Consequently, improved logistics and optimal deliverability will follow.
    As your partner, YAVEON supports you in all business processes to comply with regulatory and industrial standards; not only establishing and administering an international organization but also implementing internal process instructions and quality guidelines.
  • Workflows

    YAVEON workflows lead employees through defined manufacturing and logistics processes, while documenting all steps. Messages are set up to warn against bottlenecks in the supply chain, resource availability, and maintenance schedules. The integrated material information and value flows allow for transparency and are consequently able to be optimized.

    Our Core: Your Batch

    In order to assure secure material handling, it is crucial to carefully administer lot and unit information, such as serial numbers. YAVEON offers lot and trading management along with a feature and specification management module. All along your supply chain, this system allows you to do dynamic calculations in order to define and manage static features. Consequently, the lot status can be defined freely while being uniquely identified at all times, in all processes.

  • The audit trail functionality tracks every single change performed with a data record. Once an object is classified as “critical”, the system documents all automatically change in the background.

    Lot Tracking

    The lot tracking lists give you an on demand overview of the usage of a lot, not matter if forward or backward. Besides the regular material handling transactions this overview also includes all quality relevant transactions (e.g. lot release). The lot management considers over- and under-delivery as well as deviations in the potency of a specific lot. The potency calculation considers planned and actual potency values. An integrated text module facilitates the creation and management of work or process instructions. These can be either used as internal pop-up messages or as external text messages to be used on printed documents. You are able to automate the batch split in the supply chain or manually split and join lots. This offers the greatest, possible flexibility in handling lots and trading units.

    Data Security

    To ensure a compliant process organization, it is necessary to restrict functions and system access with roles and user specific concepts. The user access can be based on various, restrictive criteria. Data field security can be administered and defined independently of database tables or modules. User authorization can be verified by several methods such as password, second set of eyes principle, or using a qualified electronic signature.

  • Recipes & Formulae

    Recipies and manufacturing specifications must be maintained and monitored in the system. This guarantees the safe and comfortable data handling throughout all processes. YAVEON offers integrated business solutions, which enable users to comply with the above listed facts. Besides managing common manufacturing specifications, the system can handle additional work instructions as well. The built-in potency calculation adjusts the quantities of the substances, according to the actual potency values and quality characteristics (lot specific). A recipe can be maintained in different versions and different product groups. This makes it possible to facilitate referencing in a later process stage based on product features as well as seasonal or customer specific constraints. All lot attributes can be inherited from the components list, including the expiration date of the lot.

    Research and Development

    Using manufacturing specifications and research items in the development phase is fully supported in Microsoft Dynamics. It does so by using the complete manufacturing functionality.
    By means of a “system transformation dialogue”, these objects can be transitioned into productive usage.


    Integrating a contract manufacturer includes all aspects of quality control and lot tracking. The system shows over-delivery and shortfall from the contract manufacturer, without losing track of the production order or manufactured lot.

    Production and Sequence Planning

    The resource planning of the production can be based on limited and unlimited resources. A component/availability overview including item stock forecasts, can be used for disposition. Production orders can be split and shifted either in complete form or partially into other work centers. The sequence palling and a setup time matrix can be used to better schedule the production program. An algorithm for optimization assists the planning process and can be freely defined by the user.

    Filling and Re-Filling

    The system manages filling and re-filling orders while maintaining the BOMs. Using the orders, the system tracks all lot attributes and inherits values from the initial lot to the (re-) filled lot.

  • Vendor Rating

    It is required to obtain a continuous quality through the entire supply chain. Therefore, all aspects, no matter business or product related, have to be included. The system then automatically rates “quantity as ordered” and “in-time delivery”. The test results (sampling analysis) are automatically assigned to the correct vendor rating. The quality control can optimize the sampling process based on the results of previous quality tests. Aside from these ratings, the system can manage manual ratings stemming from audit inspections or vendor self-assessments. All rating results can be used for an overall vendor classification, which will automatically update based on the pre-defined rating scheme. As a consequence, any inconvenience in the vendor relation can be detected and solved. The integration with the help of Electronic Data Interchange facilitates a clear and error-free reference, all between batch or trading unit, delivery, and rating result.

    Quality Control (LIMS)

    The quality control analyzes not only lots delivered from vendors, but also produced goods must be tested. Only companies that can assure high quality standards, will achieve the best rating results from customers. AVATIS offers solutions for resellers and manufacturers in the chemical industry, which contain a complete Quality Control module. This module is dedicated to all processing stages: goods receivable, production (process control), ad-hoc analysis, and goods shipped. It also supports retesting of stored lots, analysis after quarantine periods, and complex stability testing. The quality control module manages the testing orders and devices at the same time, while test plans may contain either general, customer, vendor, or lot specific criteria. The integration of external laboratories enables the management of outsourced analysis to the quality control module of YAVEON Pro. Detailed reports & analysis help to better understand and compare testing efforts versus testing results.

  • Picking

    The warehouse setup optimizes the processes of admission into the warehouse, picking and storage restrictions. Different items may not be stored next to each other and can be defined freely. The picking process can be organized according to FEFO or FIFO. Furthermore, the system can manage customer specific criteria like minimum time before expiration, deliveries that contain material from the same batch only, and several other sale restrictions.

    Mobile Handhelds

    The logistic chain and processes are only complete and safe if barcodes and relevant data are supported by the system throughout the entire process; meaning, at every handover. Mobile devices for scanning, picking or communicating with suite to ensure secured identification and data transfer.

  • The recipe weighing system covers the entire process chain according to ERP standards. It achieves actual values and releases process steps based upon dispensing results. All actions and process data are stored and properly documented. The most important function of the computerized system is the centralized and de-centralized dispensing module. The system supports several dispense types such as single weighted sample, additive weighted sample, bulk dispensing, difference/yield weighing, and manual weighing. All materials can be solid, semi-solid or liquid on one hand, and unsterile /sterile on the other.

  • YAVEON offers a product specifically for the leading interface of hazardous materials management systems. In the process of the manufacturing recipe, the calculations can be initiated and the classifications can be adopted. The ERP system directly creates the safety data sheets and hazardous material labels in the goods receipt, production, logistics and distribution. Enterprises have the advantage of not replacing a working hazardous management system.

  • All business processes, besides supply chain transactions, need to be supported today. Individual employees should be led to all important tasks and information in the portal. Teams require the correct collaboration tools and the organisation is looking to clear structures in enterprise content management.

    Workflows and transaction files

    Besides the huge amount of time spent by employees on sorting and storing documents, search for files and customer correspondence takes up unnecessary time. Choosing integral business IT puts an end to this. The solution processes both outgoing and incoming documents. As a result, not only ERP documentary evidence, but also all other documents relevant to the process, are available within SharePoint. Process-related file views bundle all information based on context directly into the ERP application.

    Outlook, Lync, One Note and SharePoint facilitate the collaboration

    All tools for unified communication and collaboration are moreover available by embedding the solution in the Microsoft platform. Information can thus directly be attached in OneNote and be available to other users as references. Workflows in SharePoint can be planned, tasks forwarded and progress monitored. Messages can be sent by Lync or Outlook to the addressees who can receive them on any end device.

    Order management and incoming invoice processing

    It is necessary to have all orders with suppliers and customers in view, and process the numerous incoming invoices quickly and securely, in the struggle for greater efficiency. The advantages are clear: Automation, cost savings, transparency. Process speeds are increased and timely monthly financial statements made possible.

  • Many businesses have documented and visualized essential parts of their corporate processes in official or industrial audits. They have produced and published quality management documents, which mostly exist on paper, and are hand-signed and filed in folders. This means that process and quality management are only updated for audit purposes and do not reflect actual live procedures. Moreover, process and quality management are frequently separated, which is why different views on business processes arise. The quality assurance is barely considered as a process and the quality control in its management is not applied. The continuous unification of both areas in an integrated QM system brings the following benefits:

    • Creation of an integrated, paperless quality management system
    • Provision of information throughout the company
    • Guarantee of notification and electronic signature
    • Better process-oriented employee qualification
  • BI Solutions

    Continuous market changes, increasing data flow, recurring, monthly costs and raw materials all contribute to increasing complexity in businesses. In addition, purchase price fluctuations
    and their volatility all lead to slowly passing on higher prices. The more effective and efficient the supply of relevant information works, the lower the risk of wrong decisions will be.

    Self-Service BI and Mobile BI

    Options for spontaneous, so-called ad hoc analysis and evaluation, ensure decisive, competitive advantages. These also include dynamic planning and forecasting. Transparency at all hierarchical levels enable decision makers to investigate and evaluate data quickly and meaningfully; thus providing a solid basis for correct decision making.

    Management information

    Even large data volumes from different sources can be integrated when using dashboards. Meaningful views uncover invisible trends and data relations. Management can ensure transparency in value creation across disciplines and departments while making well-founded decisions with the corresponding dashboards.

    Procurement controlling

    Order fulfillment of suppliers can be monitored consistently with BI applications for procurement and supplier evaluation. This knowledge can be used for future agreements and contract negotiations. You also get a complete overview on the purchase side with all relevant data. The results are more reliable forecasts, more confident decisions, and more precise inventories, all leading to informed and better purchasing decisions. You can recognize options to solidate the supplier base or develop it further if required, for example in a case of critical raw materials.

    Production controlling

    BI applications for more insight into manufacturing and quality control will help you evaluate and monitor performance information. You will be able to perform target vs. current comparisons as well as controlling the degree of plan fulfillment, testing orders, features, and objects. You will always be able to understand the relation to the respective batch.

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