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empower your firm, people,
and sales

Our suite of business solutions built on Microsoft Cloud

Designed specifically for project-based businesses

With empower, data comes to life, telling its unique story. Effortlessly extract data from underlying business applications and transform it into meaningful insights, in context to your specific needs.

empower is our suite of productivity apps specifically crafted for project-based businesses. Built on the Microsoft business cloud, it leverages capabilities across the Power Platform, Power BI, Azure, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365, offering a user-friendly experience.

A result of our learnings, serving the Proserv industry for decades

data integration platform

Integrates your data, business logic, and processes

streamline workflow

Brings relevant role-based information into the flow of work through Microsoft Teams

Process excellence made effortless by empower

Set your project-based business up for growth and excellence

Empower your team and organization with intelligent solutions tailored to project-based businesses. Seamlessly boost collaboration, productivity, and profitability through streamlined processes, real-time insights, and efficient resource management. Realize the collective potential of your workforce, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable success.


Explore the full spectrum of empower apps

empower your

Increase workforce collaboration. Bring daily tasks into the flow of work. Make data access effortless and secure.

empower pulse

Create easy information access and personalize workspaces.

empower approval

Bring all approval requests together.

empower assistant

Bring tasks into the flow of work, leveraging chat-like natural language interface.

empower suggested time

Get intuitive suggestions for missing time spent on billable tasks across applications.

empower resources

Streamline project management with optimized resource allocation.

empower time

Capture billable time with precise time tracking on any device, from anywhere.

empower your

Give your sales teams the right insights to win new business and forge stronger client relationships.

empower onboard

Simplify your client and project onboarding

empower client

Leverage smart client analytics for improved decision-making.

empower your

Stay compliant. Avoid risks. Plan and forecast better. Make insight-based decisions.

empower finance

Easily access critical financial

empower project

Get a clear view of project health and performance metrics.

Unlock greater benefits with the combination of empower and evergreen

While empower works well by itself, when combined with evergreen – our integrated platform on Microsoft Cloud – data becomes easier to access and draw insights from.

Dive into our empower-focused collection of resources