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Significant resources and meticulous planning are essential for architecture and engineering (A&E) services. Companies seek a project management resolution that offers comprehensive oversight of projects, personnel, and operations from any location. Throughout the phases of design, implementation, and supervision, A&E enterprises must ensure the timely and cost-effective delivery of projects.

While typical decisions on systems and solutions to serve these needs revolve around project management solutions, it is clear that the business of a firm is not only project planning. The project planning and delivery would greatly benefit from being connected with and to data that resides in other systems like the experience of personnel on similar projects, pulling together proposals more efficiently based on past projects, financial systems that can manage complex fee structures, revenue allocation and analytics which bring all of this together to have truly connected project delivery.

Optimize resources: Mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to deliver successful projects on-time and on-budget.

Increase agility: Adapt quickly to shifting resources and changes in scope to ensure project profitability.

Gain visibility: Track complex projects and integrate all your business processes to view your business instantly.

Deepen client relationships: Get real-time insights to make client conversations more relevant.

Road to the cloud: A connected, composable system

Simplify your software ecosystem with the Microsoft Cloud – a comprehensive and integrated suite of secure, scalable, and interconnected services, applications, and infrastructure.
Project experience

Project experience

The bid qualification process relies heavily on past projects and employee experiences when bidding on new projects.
Proposal Management

Proposal management

Seamless tracking of a new potential deal, from a new opportunity process to a detailed project, without recreating information multiple times is critical.
Complex fee structures

Complex fee structures

Project fees are often complex fee structures with multi-discipline fee combinations and cost multipliers. Managing combinations of T&M and Fixed fee based contacts is crucial.
Resource Utilization

Resource utilization

Efficient resource utilization is crucial for a project to make profit. Easy-to-use resource planning tools that can support both centralized and decentralized resourcing senarios are important.
Revenue management

Revenue management

On multi-discipline engagements, alloting revenue to the unit delivering the work is important for Fixed fee contracts, including inter company revenue allocation.
Project Analytics

Project analytics

Comprehensive Project Portfolio Analytics with easy-to-consume reporting on contact/project cost and revenue, earned value, utilization metrics, forecast, etc. is the key to project success.

Having multiple solutions is now a conscious decision rather than an accident. With so much choice available, many organizations – especially the larger ones – want to choose “best of breed” for each business function. They no longer want to choose a system because of its strengths in one area and then accept its weaknesses in other areas; they need a composable ERP, CRM, HCM and Professional Services Automation (PSA) landscape that is the best of everything. But they also need to solve the data-sharing challenge, and having multiple systems only exacerbates that problem.

Our Microsoft Dynamics cloud-based ecosystem consists of many applications, mirroring what might be seen above. Dynamics 365 CE for client and opportunity engagement, Dynamics 365 HR for managing a workforce, and Dynamics 365 Finance for running the day to day with. Whilst they are separate applications, they do not suffer from the “islands” problem; they can all share their critical data with each other delivering a connected composable system. Learn more about this “secret sauce” here.’s services and solutions for AEC's industry solutions and services seamlessly integrate and streamline the entire project lifecycle that drives architecture and engineering firms, all while ensuring a user-friendly transition to and optimal utilization of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Azure platform. With our specialized knowledge in the field, we empower companies of varying scales and complexity to attain peak performance, enhancing both productivity and revenue generation.’s services and solutions for AEC

The business outcomes of all Architect & Engineering firms are based on four fundamental areas and our solution built on Microsoft Dynamics supports all these areas

  • Client Relationships – Concentrates on the effectiveness of sales, marketing, and partner relationship development.

  • Talent – Focuses on recruiting, hiring, compensation, and retention of people – the core asset in every project or services-driven organization.
  • Finance – Considers the management of all financial information – revenue, margin, billing, and collections.

  • Service Execution – Details all aspects of project delivery from planning through resource management, project management, delivery methods & tools, time and expense capture, and collaboration.
evergreen for AEc firms

evergreen for AEc firms is designed to manage the complete lifecycle from bid to bill.

At, we enable Architect and Engineering firms to become ‘cloud-first’ businesses, accelerating their digital transformation to realize greater value at speed and scale.

evergreen + empower – our family of cloud-based applications – leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure to drive productivity and profitability through efficient project, accounting, financial, and resource management. The empower suite of productivity apps are crafted for project-based businesses to deliver time and billing, analytics and insights, collaborative tools, and more.

sa.go! Rapid time to value delivery


sa.go! by is a business-ready bundle of SaaS products and services that helps your business adopt a future-proof cloud platform, powered by the Microsoft cloud. sa.go! provides rapid value through a proven architecture, defined end-to-end tested processes, ready-to-use data models and report packs, advisory hours, and managed services – all packaged in an easy-to-consume, per-user per-month subscription price model which helps you scale your systems as your business grows.

evergreen for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management (AEc) Firms


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