Top five Managed Services myths busted!

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The new hybrid environment has accelerated the pace of digital transformation across industries. Businesses are now, more than ever before, embracing the use of modern technologies such as cloud and automation, to modify their processes and client experiences to meet changing market dynamics.

This has resulted in an increased focus on Managed Services, which includes not just maintaining your business applications, but also ensuring they stay current with regular updates, and optimized at regular intervals, to suit your specific business outcomes.

Managed Services is a big step up from traditional break fix support. It includes not just fixing an issue after it has occurred, but rather, predicting a possible disruption and taking proactive actions to ensure the issue does not occur in the first place.

While such a proactive approach brings in several benefits, there is a cloud of uncertainty that surrounds its widespread adoption across businesses. While some question the cost, others worry that it could lead to losing control over their operations.

In this webcast, our expert panel set the record straight on Managed Services myths, as they shed light on the many business benefits this proactive approach delivers.


  • The need for Managed Services across industries
  • Top myths surrounding Managed Services
  • Expert panel views on starting with Managed Services


Who should watch?

IT Heads, IT Decision-makers, and leaders in the Finance function

Meet the speakers

Amit Ghosh - Director, Managed Services -
Amit Ghosh

Director, Managed Services
Olya Gakovic - Country Manager - Serbia
Olya Gakovic

Country Manager Serbia
Mark Worsdale - Support Manager -
Mark Worsdale

Support Manager


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