Project-based Businesses

Optimize your project-based business with a single, connected solution

Project-based Businesses: Overview and challenges

Project-based companies run projects for external clients as well as for traditional service-or product-oriented companies. It involves grouping employees into teams to complete a project. The company determines the scope and budget of each project based on an estimate of the labor and materials needed to deliver the customer specifications.

As a Microsoft Gold Parter with over three decades of industry experience, we realize that the challenges faced by this line of business are different from those witnessed by product-focused companies. Companies often struggle to set the right scope for projects, allocate the right resources, and effectively execute. The other challenges that project-based businesses must overcome to capture the full margin potential are:

  • Tracking expenses related to people, customers, projects, etc.
  • Delayed or late projects which affects the long-term ROI of the business
  • Dependency issues in case of shared equipment, people, deliverables, and resources
  • Overlapping projects competing with each other for people and resources
  • Fragmented planning leading to inability to manage multiple projects with ease
  • Outdated tools that affect productivity and collaboration

Project-based companies, therefore, need to invest in technologies that provide a more holistic view of the company’s processes along with project management practices and features. In other words, they need a Solutions Partner who can look into their IT Infrastructure from a business perspective.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for project-based companies

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps project-based companies to optimize the management of their projects all the way from start to finish. This means that you can maximize your performance, deliver projects on time and budget, and therefore, increase billing. The solution is designed to:

  • Provide a full overview of resources and budget
  • Give updated project information in real time
  • Effectively manage financial data such as time and expenses, which are critical for billing
  • Assess the performance of projects with all your data in one place, enabling you to analyze and forecast with ease
  • Adapt easily to individual projects
  • Create consistency in project set-up with customized templates
  • Be cost-effective and easy to use as it is built on the Microsoft platform

Want to streamline the value chain in your projects?

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for project-based companies

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative cloud-based enterprise software solution that brings ERPCRM, and supporting business applications together as one streamlined product for a modern, simple, and unified experience. It helps run your entire business and deliver greater results by connecting products/services with people and data.

evergreen + empower for your business

evergreen + empower are our industry-specific functionality for industries such as Accounting, Advertising and Marketing, AEC, CRO, IT Consulting firms, Legal, and other project-based organizations. This 100% cloud-based family of applications is built on Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure and is designed to change the way you work.

evergreen + empower


sa.go! by is a business-ready bundle of SaaS products and services that helps your business adopt a future-proof cloud platform, powered by the Microsoft cloud. sa.go! provides rapid value through a proven architecture, defined end-to-end tested processes, ready-to-use data models and report packs, advisory hours, and managed services – all packaged in an easy-to-consume, per-user per-month subscription price model which helps you scale your systems as your business grows.


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