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Property Management: Overview and challenges

Property management, which involves the overseeing of residential/commercial/ specialty real estate, such as apartments, shopping centers, and airports, is a dynamic industry. It involves a gamut of processes which are challenging because of the various pain points such as:

  • Drafting clause-sensitive leases
  • Calculating consumptions (electricity, water, etc.)
  • Managing resources (involved in the maintenance and inspection)
  • Creating bills based on time/complexity of work

At, we understand these and other complex, dynamic requirements of this industry. And in order to help tackle them, we offer the best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics 365 property management add-on – FlexProperty,  a comprehensive property management software that acts as an ideal administrative system not just to resolve such pain points but to also perform various key tasks efficiently. It acts as an ideal ERP for property management.

This multifaceted offering can manage all types of properties – whether owned and managed by you or owned by others and managed by you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Property Management

FlexProperty from

This property management software offers a fully integrated, all-in-one platform that automates manual processes and eliminates duplication of information from one system to the other. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, this cloud-based solution caters to the unique needs of property management firms.

Bringing together ERP functionalities with infrastructure, business intelligence, and compute and database services, FlexProperty integrates seamlessly with other technologies on the Microsoft platform, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (CE), Microsoft Power BI, and the Microsoft Office suite. You, thus, get the sophistication your back-office personnel require and the simplicity that your managers need to be more productive and efficient., one of the largest Microsoft industry solutions partner, can get your organization there. Here’s how:

FlexProperty: Functionality


This functional module holds information such as location, floors, total building area, individual unit areas (split into different area types), property tax, value assessment, property managers, stakeholders, managers, facilities, history log, etc. Such information can be used when entering into contracts/leases.

Pricing and Price Adjustment
Utilities and Meter Readings
Cost Allocation/ Service Charges
Automated Fee Billing
Percentage Rent
Automatic Rent Calculation


  • Simplify complex tasks and streamline operations
  • Enhance efficiencies with ease of usage
  • Increased flexibility for lease management
  • Better management of Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and retail rent
  • Improve financial consolidation and standardization with automated fee billing
  • Take better decisions via business intelligence capabilities
  • Gain a unified view with a single source for storing and reporting
  • Better safety by leveraging the financial and security frameworks of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Expand scope of operations with the functionality to suit local geographies and the ability to use different foreign currencies
Property Management Software

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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Property Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative cloud-based enterprise software solution that brings ERPCRM, and supporting business applications together as one streamlined product for a modern, simple, and unified experience. It helps run your entire business and deliver greater results by connecting products/services with people and data.

The real-time, predictive, and AI-driven insights that you derive will help you meet your business goals in sales, marketing, operations, services, and more. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to provide you maximum flexibility and extensibility and can adapt to fit almost any business.


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