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Make better decisions, faster – for your IT firm

Stop the cycle of reactive project management and gain real-time insights from bid to bill.

Analytics for IT

Navigate projects with confidence

Monitoring a project can often feel like assembling a jigsaw puzzle on a moving train. With numerous tasks, resources, and deadlines in constant flux, keeping a close watch on key checkpoints and project performance can be a herculean task. Identifying anomalies before they snowball into major issues is a huge challenge, leaving project managers feeling overwhelmed.

cloud-based project cost tracking

Achieve budget predictability

Tracking project costs through spreadsheets and varied point solutions can be a recipe for disaster. Unforeseen expenses can easily derail budgets, impacting profitability. With’s empower suite of solutions, get financial analytics for comprehensive visibility on all critical metrics to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises that pinch your cash flow. 

real-time project management data

Get control of project changes

Project scope often grows organically as new requests arise. Without proper controls and real-time data on project resources and timelines, these changes can easily lead to missed deadlines and frustrated clients. Get control over all project changes, and view their impacts on resources, timelines and budgets, all with’s empower suite of solutions. Stay a step ahead of the curve.

cloud-based financial management for professional services firms

Keep your projects profitable

evergreen stops rogue spreadsheets by realizing the value of an integrated firm-wide finance platform. Mitigate budgeting challenges, track expenses effectively, and develop intelligent forecasting with a single version of the truth across the firm. Centralized financial management enhances visibility and control, improving accuracy and reducing the knock-on effect of oversight.

Get back to what matters – growing your business 

Finance heads of mature IT firms are increasingly prioritizing clear financial insights. Financial analytics enable that shift by delivering answers to “why”, instead of “what”, “where” and “how”. 

Get dynamic financial analysis dashboards that do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on strategic planning and what matters most—ensuring your business thrives even in uncertain times.

Analytics for finance leaders
Analytics for delivery and operations leaders

Take a break from project firefighting  

Traditional project management in IT organizations is a gamble for project operations leaders, often relying on gut instinct.

By leveraging project analytics, you can shift from being a reactive firefighter to a proactive leader. Take control of your data and project outcomes. Don’t wait for the next fire drill—take action today!

Empower your business to thrive 

Leveraging our deep understanding of industry challenges, has created its IP solutions – the evergreen and empower suite of solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. These suite of solutions offer connected, composable, cloud platform, giving you a single source of truth for your business data, streamlining analytics and enabling data-driven decision making.

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