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Email Remittance

What is Email Remittance?

Email Remittance is a powerful, yet very easy to use Dynamics GP plug-in tool designed to give accounting staff a fast and efficient method of delivering and storing remittance advices.

The key advantage of this product is that it overcomes Dynamics GP’s major limitation of not having the facility to re-send or re-print a remittance.

For each type of payment, whether by cheque or EFT, a remittance advice (created in pdf format) can be sent electronically against a selected batch or a individual documents against a selected creditor. The software enables the user to enter To, CC and BCC recipients against each creditor, either manually or via bulk data import from Outlook or Excel.

Imagine the paper saved when 100 creditors from a payment run is emailed their remittance the day of the payment run..

A remittance report is generated using SQL Reporting Services and is subsequently stored in the documentation area of Dynamics GP. This can be retrieved at any time for purposes of e-mailing or re-printing. The user has the option to e-mail, print and/or save the remittance advice.

Email Remittance is:

  • Quick to implement and easy to use for everyday business transactions
  • Working with Microsoft Dynamics GP SSRS to seamlessly integrate with existing report formats
  • Creating a new window of the creditor maintenance used to store the email addresses and a check box to enable email remittances for this creditor
  • Customising your Subject Line to personalise Remittance e-mail message
  • Reporting function to reprint available by Creditor or Batch ID
  • Offering the ability to email (attaches as a PDF), print the remittance as part of the payment run or in any future time when you need to send another copy
  • Allowing documents to be easily resent at a moment's notice with no delays that are usually associated with the post

Solution Highlights

Email Remittance Enables:

  • Delivery of documents, with more certainty and faster feedback of any undeliverable documents than normal posted mail
  • Elimination of associated costs of producing hard copy documents while dramatically reducing the amount of administration time spent on these fundamental tasks
  • A quick, professional and low cost method for confirming when payments are made
  • Improved regulatory compliance by creating an historical record of payment transactions
  • Instant retrieval of remittance advices, thus improving supplier query response times. Paper documents in contrast can be easily lost or misfiled
  • Flexibility to choose from multiple remittance layouts and adapt to customer preferences. Logos and other graphics can be inserted on templates and notes or comments can be appended depending on individual circumstances

Who Benefits from Email Remittance?

  • Accounts payable staff managing a large volume of suppliers and accounts payable invoices
  • Finance managers who desire greater internal control and swifter handling of paper-based processes

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