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Commitment Reporting

What is Commitment Reporting?

Commitment Reporting from sa.global is a web based, Dynamics ERP plug-in tool designed to give budget holders a fast and efficient method of tracking performance of expense accounts against budget for any given financial period.

For each expense account, the software presents information on Actuals vs Committed vs Budget as well as any residual budget. The expense analysis can be broken down by periods in the Financial Year and a drill-down option provides a detailed list of transactions which make up the Actuals and the Purchase Orders which in turn make up the Committed amounts.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-on Commitment Reporting

Who Benefits from Commitment Reporting?

  • Any client that needs to keep a tight control on expenses against annual or period budgets
  • Any company where a whole department’s expenses are the responsibility of a single budget holder

How Do They Benefit?

Being a web application, there are considerable benefits to the user in using sa.global’s Commitment Reporting:

  • Data are presented in real time, thus giving real-time insight into actual performance.
  • It provides the ability to rapidly spot and respond to issues as and when they arise.
  • It enables rapid and informed business decisions based on accurate and readily accessible data.
  • It saves time and resource by allowing non-ERP users to access and report on their expense accounts without having to rely on finance users to produce this information.
  • It saves money by allowing budget holders to better monitor and control their expenses.
  • It offers a security model by controlling the accounts users see, so that only information relevant to a particular user will be displayed, and access to sensitive information can be controlled and made secure.
  • And because it’s built using Silverlight there are some great technical advantages too – it will work on any browser, and on any operating system, and it offers a rich user experience with great interface and user friendly menus.

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