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Advanced SOP / GL Defaulter

What is Advanced SOP / GL Defaulter?

Advanced SOP GL Defaulter takes maximum advantage of the segment based structure of Microsoft Dynamics GP. By automating the coding of sales, cost of sales and inventory accounts, productivity is increased and the burden of manual coding reduced for sales entry staff.

By automating SOP transaction coding empowers users to generate powerful reporting with zero coding effort.


sa.global's Advanced SOP /GL Defaulter (SOP /GL Defaulter) recently certified for Microsoft Dynamics. This signifies that the solution has met Microsoft Corporations’ highest standard for partner-developed software.

SOP /GL Defaulter had to demonstrate development quality and compatibility that was proven in the field with a large number of customers already successfully using and recommending the solution for that reason Advanced SOP /GL passed rigorous VeriTest software solution testing for Microsoft Dynamics and is profiled in the Microsoft Partner Solution Profiler tool.

Due to the maximum advantage of SOP /GL Defaulter utilising the segment-based structure of Microsoft Dynamics GP, upon certification SOP /GL Defaulter was recognised as one of the very best available enhancements as advertised in DynamicsWorld. The decisive criteria was based on ROI, the speed in which it takes to pay back the investment, the ease of integration, the after-sales service, the immediate impact and the time taken to deploy.

Solution Highlights

Standard GP functionality only allows posting accounts for SOP transactions to be derived from either the posting setup, item or customer card. SOP GL Defaulter allows users to define where each segment of the GL account comes from: whether from the item, customer, customer class, item class, salesperson or even "specified" against each SOP Invoice ID/Type, including returns.

Having the ability to produce and analyse more detailed reporting by segment within the GL ensures consistent more accurate financial and management reporting. This contributes to improved regulatory compliance:

    • Dexterity based application – Enables full system integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The result is unaffected standards GP data tables
    • Easy to implement – Avoids affecting underlying GL data Structure
    • Powerful, reliable and segmented reporting (far superior to using SOP tables) - Can be used on multiple segments up to the maximum of 10 as defined in the account format
    • Available for both on-premise and Software as a service (SaaS) implementations of Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Natural companion to our Advanced General Ledger (AGL) module.
    • Rapid ROI to your clients - Maximising the segment based structure of the Chart of Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Compliments the segment based reporting capabilities of Frx and Management reporter.
    • Hassle free reporting - Automation of coding within Sales Order Processing transactions including Invoices and Returns.
    • Streamline GL reporting within Sales Order Processing - Eliminate onerous transition coding by streamlining sales entry processes, with an appropriately designed Chart of Accounts
    • Create defaults for each SOP Type ID including returns - Default segments from item, customer, customer class, item class, sales person or even specified against each SOP Invoice / Return, to form the full account string within SOP transactions. Providing maximum flexibility for coding requirements in different business situations e.g. Drop-ship sales orders.
    • Fully automates SOP transaction coding – Allows segment level reporting from Customer, Item, Fixed, Salesperson or Class.
    • Defines where each segment of the account comes from (customer, item, fixed, salesperson or class) – Ability to form full account string within SOP Transactions.
    • Supports manufacturing - Default GL account codes can be set up for Inventory and Cost of Goods sold for manufacturing accounts
    • Completely automates coding of sales, cost of sales and inventory accounts – Alleviate the administrative burden on sales entry staff
    • Integrates SOP transactions imported from Integration Manager and Business Portal - Posting accounts allocated once imported.

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