• Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

    Boost profits with real-time and predictive financial insights

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

    Boost profits with real-time and predictive financial insights

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Manage, plan, and analyze financial processes with
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Finance is one of the most complex verticals of an organization involving data and reports – general ledgers, fixed assets, receivables, payables, cash flow, etc. With an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, you can do much more than a basic accounting software or a financial software. For instance, you can automate your key processes, streamline your accounting needs, and manage your financial data while integrating it with other parts of your business. All this is facilitated in a way to give you a unified view of all areas of your business, enabling you to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance offers a complete set of capabilities that no other accounting software or financial software can provide. With built-in predictive analytics and intelligence to manage, plan, and analyze your financial processes and real-time insights into business performance, it empowers you to run your business more efficiently and with enhanced agility.

Further, being built on Microsoft Azure, and tightly integrated with Office 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance connects your data for a seamless experience. And finally, the AI-driven predictive insights help you keep pace with changing business trends. All this allows you to boost your revenues and profits while keeping a check on your costs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance: Features

To help monitor the performance of your global financial operations in real-time, predict future outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth,
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance comes bundled with several features and capabilities:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Automate and simplify financial operations

  • Use several work-simplifying tools like vendor invoice automation and expense management
  • Shared chart of accounts to simplify inter-company movements and financial considerations
  • Ability to integrate external data and automate approvals
  • Integration with MS Excel, Outlook, and Skype to enhance efficiencies

Monitor performances in real time

  • Workspaces with analytics and processes tailored by role
  • Option for drill throughs and details on every transaction, for real time insights

Enable productivity on-the-go

  • Mobile apps such as expense management that can be enabled in environments with less/no connectivity

Regulatory and diversity capabilities

  • Configurable e-invoicing to adapt faster to frequent regulatory changes
  • Regulatory features covering 37 countries to adapt to local laws
  • 42 language options to help adapt to local workforce

Predict future outcomes

  • Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and predictive analytics to gain strategic insights on upcoming cash flows
  • Capability to predict invoice payments by analyzing customer payment history

Hundreds of out-of-the-box reports

  • Reporting capabilities for detailed view of business processes on various dimensions
  • Customizable reporting tools that support local and international laws
  • Tools to easily generate end-of-month reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance: Benefits

We, at sa.global, can implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance to help you leverage all the features of the solution and accelerate your financial performance, driving several benefits, such as:

  • Improved business health with unified financial reporting
  • Better financial controls with in-depth reporting capabilities and embedded real-time analytics
  • Optimized cash flows with predictive insights
  • Strategic financial decision-making powered by AI and Microsoft Power BI workspaces
  • Reduced time, cost, and errors through process automation
  • Enhanced efficiency with integrated tools such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Manage changing regulatory requirements with a no-code configuration method
  • Easily adapt to both local and global financial requirements
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

sa.global portfolio

Company overview: London-headquartered global media firm with operations across 145 countries and more than 50,000 employees

Client situation

  • Wanted a solution that could manage global business changes
  • Required configurations to meet local market demands
  • Need for consistent approach to deploy resources, process transactions, and report on all aspects of their financial and operational processes


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • sa.global industry solution - projects360
  • Subscription Support Services


  • Increased efficiency of back-office tasks
  • Empowered users with reports, dashboards, and data
  • Enabled standardization of global processes
  • Single source of truth for financial information
  • Integration with business specific external platforms

sa.global client speak

  • “sa.global has worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for many years, understands the opportunities and pitfalls of ERP implementations, and helped us see the best way to get through our Implementation.”

    Eric Reading
    Executive Vice President

  • “sa.global did an excellent job of tailoring Microsoft Dynamics 365 to our company’s needs. They created a solution that saves us time and money and enables our team to coordinate our sales efforts quickly and more effectively than we could in the past.”

    Jared Delello
    Pricing Strategy Specialist
    Delta Star


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    • Accelerate your financial performance using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

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