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CXO Boardroom: The role of Modern Finance in accelerating transformation

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Organizations today expect more from their finance function than ever before. The finance function of yesterday that spent valuable time focusing on transactions, processing, and reporting is gone and needs to be replaced by a dynamic function that can deliver tangible value and results. A Modern Finance organization is uniquely positioned to leverage technology to deliver intelligent business insights, drive real-time decisions, enable an agile workforce, and elevate business performance.

Modern Finance initiatives traverse across every area of finance, using technology to solve problems and deliver impact.

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting: Transforming legacy systems and tools to increase insight and productivity
  • Strategy and Forecasting: Driving forward-looking forecasting and strategic decision making
  • Business Process Automation: Enabling greater efficiency through chat bots and automated workflows
  • Risk and Compliance: Harnessing technology to mitigate and proactively control risk

At the epicentre of the evolution of Modern Finance organizations are finance leaders, who must be prepared to navigate this new landscape by investing in technology that supports organizational growth. By integrating solutions that leverage the foundational power of cloud platforms combined with intelligent automation, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence, CFOs can effectively manage surging data, legacy systems, business complexity, inefficient processes, and regulations and threats – all this to drive transformation and growth.

The panel of speakers on this CXO Boardroom dive deeper into the pillars of Modern Finance and how CFOs can lead the transformative change. We also introduce you to evergreen + empower,’s industry-specific solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that supports the Modern Finance function with capabilities such as chatbots, automation, business intelligence and analytics, and a suite of productivity apps.


  • How technology is creating new opportunities for the finance function to add value to the business and how can finance teams evolve to make the most of these opportunities
  • Insights from Microsoft’s digital transformation journey and how Microsoft’s finance team addressed challenges from revenue to resources with technology
  • The role of CFOs as change makers to drive business transformation
  • How should organizations go beyond check boxes to evaluate an ERP


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