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Briefing 5P Webcast: Determining the right tech platform to drive law firm profitability

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Tackling the complex tension between increasing profitability and delivering high-quality work has never been more important to law firms. Technology has a crucial role to play – but how do you ensure that it can be effectively applied to strategic advantages?

Hear from experts from legal, tech and the client-side for a well-rounded view of the topic and some of the challenges and solutions. Craig Bird, Business Applications Specialist at Microsoft explains how law firms can better use data to drive decisions and reporting, and improve quality and consistency of service.

Mike Giles, Finance Director at international law firm Fieldfisher explores some of the internal challenges facing law firms, and the role of technology and the changing dynamic it plays in financial reporting and profitability.

Stephen James, CEO,, points out that it’s a process of evolution not revolution – and that you don’t need to rip out the plumbing and start from scratch.

How do you cut through the hype and better go to market for solutions to your profitability problems? Watch the conversation here.