is delighted to let our clients and partners know that our 700 strong, truly independent, client-driven, global community of professionals has not been acquired. Is Delighted To Let You Know That We Have Not Been Acquired

Hong Kong, January 26, 2021 – From the Corporate Headquarters of SAGlobal Holding, Ltd.

Did HSO acquire

No! We were thrilled to find ourselves in the news recently – even if the news was untrue. An announcement last week from HSO that we had been acquired was, well, simply not true. The announcement caused a flurry of emails, phone calls, and social media posts to be exchanged around the world as our clients, partners, and employees reached out to ask “huh?!?”.

So, what did happen?

We made a strategic choice to divest the shares of our legacy US business and legacy products last year. This is what was acquired by HSO and what they should have announced last week. The problem is that have not been able to share this with you due to a contractual ‘quiet period’. Well – the cat is certainly out of the bag now! The quiet period ends in North America on February 17, 2021, when we will share with you why we made that strategic decision and the exciting new things we have been working on.

Would you recommend having a competitor announce acquiring you as a great marketing strategy?

Ummmmm! Maybe if your priority is confusing the market. It certainly took us totally by surprise. In any event, it was good to catch up with old friends, clients, and colleagues and laugh about the drama that this kind of (untrue) news can sometimes cause. After all, we play in the world of Microsoft business applications. While WE find our world exciting, it is usually not this dramatic.

If you are a client of HSO ProServ, what would this mean for your organization?

It’s complicated! Today, HSO ProServ relies on’s capabilities and depth to support many of their clients and product development. We also sell and support their products. For our part, we are ready to collaborate with HSO ProServ, after all ‘compete and collaborate’ is normal practice in our industry. Our priority is always our client. will continue to focus on developing, implementing, and supporting innovative solutions across the entire Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform stack for the Professional Services and Legal industries.

We have many exciting announcements coming in the weeks and months ahead when it will become clear why we made the decision to divest. We are confident you will be delighted at what the future holds with as we continue to transform.

Please follow our LinkedIn page for REAL news and updates from our incredible team of experts at or email us at if you want to get in touch.

Above all, we remain and will continue to remain dedicated to and focussed on you, our partners and clients. refers to SAGlobal Holding Ltd, not US, Inc. or Canada, Inc. refers to SAGlobal Holding Ltd, not US, Inc. or Canada, Inc.


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