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Give your services the IT factor

Secure client data, attract new clients, and uplift your IT services business to new heights with an embedded Microsoft-centric management practice solution.

Deliver brilliant IT service solutions

The evergreen platform and empower interface are fully customizable to suit a business needs. Hubs can be built for each individual, role, or department to streamline work and create more efficient processes. As a bonus, everything is fully configurable to adapt to an IT service company’s unique problems quickly.

Keep up with your clients

Leverage a single source of truth throughout every project’s lifecycle. From onboarding to invoicing, develop qualifying leads, form outstanding client relationships, and easily manage information.

Spend less time searching for information and more time actioning impactful services for clients.

Leverage financial and project analytics for your IT firm

Keep track of your time

Built from the ground up to cater to unique team preferences, evergreen + empower has plenty of ways to track time however people are comfortable.

Use a timer, fill in timesheets retroactively, or fill the gaps in a day using the suggested entry feature.

Planning leave and time off is incredibly convenient and done through an integrated Teams-based dashboard.


Your new automated assistant

Stay on target and manage the busy days with empower’s automated assistant. Teams can quickly check their targets and track their project goals to stay informed throughout their day. Updates and alerts arrive as they happen, and client information is stored in a single place with a comprehensive search function to ensure maximum efficiency at every stage.

Tailored workstations

  • Craft customized hubs for every role without irrelevant clutter.
  • Utilize quick view tiles to see a team’s metrics at a glance with the ability to navigate to reports and important apps with a single click.
  • Maximize efficiency and keep businesses moving forward.

Endless collaboration

  • Collaborate easily using a fully embedded Microsoft 365 system solution that grows alongside businesses.
  • Assign tasks to team members according to their specialty and training and track their progress in one place.
  • Enable managers and staff to dive deep into data and make informed decisions.

Bespoke billing

  • Completely manage and adjust the billing process within Microsoft Teams.
  • Transform how invoices are adjusted with options to create unique price points for specific clients and projects or set a universal rate across the entire business.
  • Send detailed and comprehensive invoices faster without the stress.

Simple solutions for complex requirements

Our team offers complete support from contract signing to launch day and beyond to ensure a painless transition to a Cloud-based system, all in an easily consumable monthly package that grows alongside your business. Since evergreen and empower are built into the familiar Microsoft platform, change management across the business can be streamlined for maximum impact.