Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services

Beyond basic support

Managed Services vs. basic support: How are they different?

While there are many differences between the two, the primary difference is that basic support, also referred to as break fix support,
refers to fixing an issue after it has occurred, while Managed Services includes predicting a
possible disruption and taking proactive actions to remediate it.

Basic Support
  • Can be availed in-house or be outsourced
  • Ensures uptime of Dynamics applications
  • Dynamics applications stay current and optimized
  • Regular Microsoft updates
  • Platform advisory services
  • Guidance on Dynamics licensing
Managed Services
  • Specialized services best provided by third-parties
  • Ensures uptime of Dynamics applications
  • Dynamics applications stay current and optimized
  • Regular Microsoft updates
  • Platform advisory services
  • Guidance on Dynamics licensing
Stay up-to-date
Stay up-to-date
Keep your applications current with the latest Microsoft features delivered through regular one version updates.
Manage cloud environments
Manage cloud environments
Effectively manage your cloud environments (such as sandbox, test & production) with the right licenses and updates.
Optimize applications
Optimize applications
Ensure optimal performance with customization of application-related extensions, connectors, etc. after every update.
Specialized advisory
Specialized advisory
Continuously improve your Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, through advisory on capabilities, licensing and more.

Why go beyond basic support

For businesses running on Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM applications, Managed Services includes not just basic support essential for business continuity but additional services that help drive business performance.

microsoft dynamics managed services

Get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics applications

Being much wider in scope than the traditional break fix support, Managed Services, not only helps resolve your post implementation issues in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM applications, but also helps drive continuous improvements in your Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.
Empower IT teams
Free up IT team's time to work on strategic initiatives rather than on mundane support tasks
Enhance user experience
Improve performance
Lower OpEx spends
Boost agility 
Scale with flexibility
Managed Services has evolved over time.
It is now a continuous-value-improvement offering.

Our Plans offers four Managed Services plans, depending on your stage of growth
and scale of requirements. Choose the one that suits you best.
Microsoft Dynamics Support Plan
Microsoft Dynamics Support Plan


Basic break fix support, essential for business continuity.


Essentials Lite
Basic support & add-on services across a single location.


Essentials Pro
Support across locations with extended scope of add-on services.


Custom built-to-suit offering to meet specific business requirements.

Key differences to help find your ideal plan

  Direct Essentials Lite Essentials Pro Managed Enterprise
Key Business Users Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 25 As needed
Account Manager Escalation Level Yes Yes Yes
Coverage Hours 8x5 ( Local hours) 8x5 ( Mon to Fri) 24x7* As needed
Advisory Hours No 120 per year 180 per year As needed
Minimum Commitment 6 months 12 months 12 months 24-60 months
Updates & Patches No Yes ( 2) Yes (4) Yes
Preventive Care Monitoring No Once every business day Twice every business day Twice every business day
Response Times Best effort basis Critical issues : 1 hour
Default : 8 hours
Critical issues : 1 hour
Default : 4 hours
As per required Service levels
Language English, Local Languages English English + Optional languages at additional cost Multiple Languages*
Delivery Teams Local Global Global Global & Local
Incident Logging & Tracking Tool Provided by Provided by Provided by Option : Provided by
Or UseCustomer’s own
*Volumetrics Reactive, fair use Up to 10 tickets per month Up to 20 tickets per month Unpredictable, High
*Subject to pre-defined SLAs
Find your ideal Managed Services plan in less than 60 seconds.

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