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Modernizing enterprise business applications such as ERP and CRM is a top priority for CIOs. However, the implementation can be a painstaking process requiring weeks or even months of planning. A successful implementation depends on choosing the right solution and a trusted partner with the right skills, considering the time and investment involved.

At, we excel at solving complex business challenges through an effective implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions. As a leading Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner, we complement our industry-specific software solutions with expert global consulting services, best business practices, and technical expertise to help you achieve a tangible return on your technology investment.

Read this Nucleus Research study that examines the experiences of Microsoft clients and published return on investment case studies on deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 multi-country rollouts

Global roll outs are complex as they involve several moving parts across boundaries. Our large global footprint across six continents makes us an obvious choice for Microsoft Dynamics 365 multi-country roll outs. We bring to the implementation:
Strong processes
to manage complex
International deployments
Tested methodology
with strong governance
through DevOps
Accelerators for
complex implementations and
multi-country roll-outs
Experienced teams who have
worked on projects across
varied industries

Experience agility with remote Dynamics 365 implementations

While our teams have extensive experience in a hybrid on-shore and remote model to support your requirements remotely, our consultants are well-adapted to engage and provide remote services to deliver a successful implementation. We equip our remote implementation with:

Virtual project
Virtual conference
room pilot
Digital delivery
and deployment
Go-live assistance
and user training

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Rapid implementation and time to value with

sa.go! by is a business-ready bundle of SaaS products and services that helps your business adopt a future-proof cloud platform, powered by the Microsoft cloud. sa.go! provides rapid value through a proven architecture, defined end-to-end tested processes, ready-to-use data models and report packs, advisory hours, and managed services – all packaged in an easy-to-consume, per-user per-month subscription price model which helps you scale your systems as your business grows.

Project turnaround: Get a troubled project back on track

Backed by our experience in turning around multiple projects for clients who struggled to implement Microsoft Dynamics, we are a trusted partner of choice for Microsoft Dynamics project rescues and takeovers.

Stuck with a project? Just get in touch with us and our escalation specialists will get your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation turned around with project rescue services and support.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation for Dynamics 365 Implementation Services

Implementations can vary in length and complexity based on your unique requirements. A successful implementation demands expertise and discipline. Our implementations are supported by our ACCelerate Methodology– a consistent and structured approach to ensure a quick, hassle-free, data-secure deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365, delivering on:

Proven methodology

Proven methodology refined over hundreds of successful implementations

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps pre-built tools designed specifically for project-driven businesses


Governance through industry best practices and stakeholder management

Global presence

A vast global presence makes us the suitable choice for multi-country global rollout projects


Adaptability to work with your framework


Partnership by working flexibly with other partners för implementeringstjänster

Implementeringar kan variera i längd och komplexitet beroende på dina unika krav. Ett lyckat genomförande kräver expertis och disciplin. Våra implementeringar stöds av vår ACCelerate-metodik - ett konsekvent och strukturerat tillvägagångssätt för att säkerställa en snabb, problemfri och datasäker implementering av Microsoft Dynamics 365, som levererar på::

Beprövad metodik

Beprövad metodik som utvecklats under hundratals framgångsrika implementeringar

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps verktyg som utformats särskilt för projektdrivna företag


Styrning genom bästa branschpraxis och intressent

Global närvaro

Adaptability to work with your framework


Anpassnings att arbeta med di


Partnerskap genom flexibelt samarbete med andra partner


11 time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner
Implemented Microsoft Dynamics in 80+ countries
Present in 25 countries across six continents
32 years of experience in the Microsoft platform
1 of 10 Microsoft vetted ISV development centers
Over 800,000+ Microsoft Dynamics users supported worldwide

Frequently asked questions

What is the typical cost of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation?

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation has varied tiers. The cloud-based application combines CRM and ERP systems components, productivity applications, and AI tools. The cost of the implementation is affected by your business requirements, intended outcomes, licenses, and support for maintenance of the application. In addition, you need to factor costs such as resources, add-on modules, and supplementary products that add value. Simple ways to reduce cost include consolidating platforms, using templates, and avoiding customization.

How long does a Dynamics 365 implementation take?
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