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Bring your data 
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Enhance client and employee experiences across onboarding, collaboration, time tracking, and insights with empower.

project management and productivity tools
Project workflow automation and collaboration tools

Everything you need, in your flow of work

Crafted for project-based businesses, the empower suite of productivity apps seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s cloud services.

Its modern interface reduces clicks and streamlines workflows, allowing you to onboard with confidence, collaborate effectively, and gain role-based insights effortlessly. Transform data into actionable insights and propel your business to new heights.

Intelligent solutions tailored for your business

From onboarding to reporting, empower solutions help you achieve process excellence across your business.

Cloud-based Onboarding solutions for project workflow automation and collaboration


empower onboard

Make your onboarding processes easy and efficient.

Cloud-based Collbaration solutions for project workflow automation


empower assistant

Find information and complete tasks with a natural language assistant within Teams.

empower pulse

Get all the information relevant for your role in one place.

Cloud-based time tracking solutions for project workflow automation and collaboration

Time tracking

empower suggested time

Capture billable work hours effortlessly.

empower time

Capture time with ease, on the go.

Cloud-based reporting and insights solutions for project workflow automation and collaboration

Reporting and insights

empower client

Understand your clients better with rich and accurate insights.

empower project
(for project teams)

Make informed decisions and achieve your project goals.

empower hcm

Get comprehensive visibility of your HR data.

empower finance

Get a consolidated financial view of your business.

empower matter
(for law firms)

Gain valuable insights into your law firm’s operations.

Set your business up for growth and excellence

Seamlessly boost collaboration, productivity, and profitability with empower solutions.

Actionable insights

Unlock insights from underlying business applications. Stay on top of allotted tasks, access role-based insights to and receive actionable notifications to improve work efficiency.

Cloud-based business applications and solutions for actionable insights in project management
Cloud-based business applications and solutions for nteractive visualizations in project management

Interactive visualizations

Slice and dice your data to uncover trends, zoom in for details or out for the big picture. Communicate complex information clearly with the help of dynamic visuals, ensuring your entire team is always on the same page.

Streamlined workflows

Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for high-value activities that drive project success. Receive real-time notifications within Microsoft Teams, improving team responsiveness without having to switch between apps.

Cloud-based business applications and solutions for streamlined workflows in project management

Good alone, great together

Designed specifically for project-based businesses, evergreen is the heart of empower solutions.

empower solutions draw data from the evergreen platform to bring users contextualized information based on their project roles and requirements.