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Welcome to evergreen and empower – the next-generation solutions for professional services organizations. This 100% cloud-based family of applications is built on Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure and is designed to change the way you work. Watch this video for a quick tour of evergreen + empower.

Delivering on the promise of cloud

It is hard to imagine a world without computers. In a few years from now, a world without the cloud will seem unfathomable.
And we plan to be a part of making that future happen.

At sa.global, we are helping professional services organizations become ‘cloud-first’ businesses,
accelerating their digital transformation to realize greater value at speed and scale.

Get more than a traditional PSA solution with evergreen from sa.global

evergreen works as a processing and transactional engine for core professional services functions like project management, time and billing, scheduling, and onboarding. By connecting your teams, clients, and business processes, evergreen drives greater efficiency, better insights, and enhanced client service.

empower offers a suite of productivity apps that deliver a rich, interactive, and adaptable user experience. Integrate your data, business logic, and processes to empower your firm, sales, and people with management reporting, time and billing, analytics and insights, collaborative tools, and client relationship insights.

Enhance productivity and profitability with empower from sa.global

A new approach to AI

A journey with continuous improvements

“sa.go! is our unique and revolutionary implementation toolset which allows us to truly deliver on the promise of the cloud – faster and more predictably.”
- Sarah Healy, European Operations Director, sa.global
“The beauty of evergreen and empower is that by harnessing the Microsoft platform, we have a diverse and unique set of product offerings that really deliver on the promise of the cloud, allowing us to meet you where you are on your digital journey.”
- Paul Honeyman, Head - Product Development, sa.global
“At sa.global, we often use the term “true cloud” because evergreen is not just an on-premise solution that now lives in Azure. Every bit of evergreen embraces the cloud to deliver more to a firm, leveraging the power of the cloud to speed up implementation, simplify processes, and empowerment.”
– Vinnie Scarinci, Vice President – Sales, sa.global
“Next-generation apps need to be designed around how a person works and not the other way around. Our next-generation business applications are deployed inside your familiar productivity apps like Teams. Why open a full ERP or CRM system or go elsewhere when you are already in Outlook and Teams.”
- Matt Calderwood, Chief Revenue Officer, sa.global - Americas

evergreen + empower for your business

evergreen and empower are created with industry-specific functionality built into them, for law firms, CROs, advertising and media agencies, and IT consulting firms, to make the solution unique for each business.