Redefining the Legal
Modern Workplace

Explore how law firms can maximize the power of Microsoft’s
collaboration solutions to be more efficient and effective

Redefining the Legal Modern Workplace

Law firms are modernizing the workplace…

  • Explore how Microsoft Teams enables law firms to deliver better service through enhanced communication in a remote/ hybrid work environment.
  • Discover the appropriate policies, procedures, and controls needed to ensure you are ready for a secure and compliant Microsoft Teams roll-out.
  • Learn to make the best use of Microsoft Teams by engaging with to implement systems and practices that will enable a modern workplace.
  • Drive user adoption, enhance productivity, and ensure a seamless way to work and access critical information by bringing in data security and governance into your Microsoft Teams environment.

The four Cs of a successful legal modern workplace

Stay competitive by leveraging technology to increase efficiency, improve workflows, and create a better client experience.
Ensure clear, accessible, and secure communication, both internally and externally, on a single platform that meets people where they are.
Become effective custodians of confidential information with stringent data security, due diligence, and best practices.
Bring resources together more easily to solve problems, answer client concerns, develop strategy, and improve operations.
Get the four Cs advantage to make your law firm a Modern Workplace.
70% of employees say that technology improves their ability to collaborate.
Almost 50% of legal firms acknowledge that their insufficient leveraging of technology is negatively impacting their profitability.
Online collaboration tools and digital workplaces increase employee productivity by up to 30%.


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