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    ❭ Actively manage Compliance
    ❭ Get more Visibility into your Project

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    ❭ Actively manage Compliance
    ❭ Get more Visibility into your Project

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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Project Based Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics AX enables project based manufacturers to actively manage compliance and run their commercial business and Government contracting on a single comprehensive ERP system.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Project based manufacturing is a combination of functionalities of Microsoft Project with that of Microsoft Dynamics AX, making both product seamless and removing the need for project server.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a vehicle upon which your project may be controlled from concept through to delivery. The software monitors the status of the project always, plans budget v/s reality, visibility, and calculates realistic timescale for completion. Thus, Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you to maintain an accurate running cost for keeping the project on track and ensures timely delivery and integrity of your compliance process while reducing their complexity and cost.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premises

Microsoft Dynamics AX manages production time by presenting the user with a continual 360° vision of the entire production platform, no matter how complex, to determine the optimum resource utilisation. You could save time by significantly reducing the number of steps required to allocate costs across project budgets and estimations.

Product Functionality

At the heart of our solution for manufacturing companies is the market leading Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution, which provides the control your business requires and the breadth of functionality your products demand. A rich suite of functionality, combined with industry specific functionality allows us to provide you with a solution that manages every aspect of your business:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Production Planning and Scheduling

Production Planning and Scheduling

Microsoft Dynamics AX Barcode Data Capture

Barcode Data Capture

Microsoft Dynamics AX Quality Management

Quality Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX Engineering Change Control

Engineering Change Control

Microsoft Dynamics AX Field Service Management

Field Service Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX Stock Control

Stock Control

Microsoft Dynamics AX Material Planning

Material Planning

Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Management and Control

Project Management and Control

Microsoft Dynamics AX Installation Control

Installation Control

Microsoft Dynamics AX Estimate Templates for Quoting

Estimate Templates for Quoting

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

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Key Features:

  • Sales Estimation and Order Import
  • Quotation Status, Revisions and Authorisations
  • CAD Interfacing
  • Production Planning and Job Scheduling
  • Finite and Rough Cut Capacity Planning
  • Project Hierarchies
  • Resource Planning, Calendars and Allocation
  • Purchasing WIP and Shop Floor Data Tracking
  • Automatic BOM creation, Routing and Revision Management
  • 360° visibility of Project Status, detailing Actual versus Estimate Comparisons
  • Outstanding Task Reporting
  • Stage Payments & Expense Management
  • Revenue Recognition and WIP
  • Standard and Ad-hoc Reporting

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