Email Remittance

Deliver and store remittance advices faster and more efficiently

What is Email Remittance

This plug-in from enhances your accounting capabilities and is designed to help accounting staff with a fast and
efficient method of delivering and storing remittance advices.

How does this enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP

The plug-in overcomes Microsoft Dynamics GP’s major limitation of not having the facility to re-send or re-print a remittance. To elaborate, it allows sending a remittance advice (created in pdf format) electronically against a selected batch or individual documents against a selected creditor, for each type of payment, whether by cheque or EFT.

The plug-in also enables you to enter To, CC, and BCC recipients against each creditor, either manually or via bulk data import from Outlook or Excel. This not only enhances your efficiencies but also helps save paper. (Imagine the paper saved when 100 creditors from a payment run are emailed their remittance the day of the payment run.)

Finally, the plug-in allows you to generate a remittance report using SQL Reporting Services, which can either be emailed, printed, or saved. Saved reports can be retrieved from the documentation area of Microsoft Dynamics GP any time.


Prominent features

  • Quick to implement and easy to use
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with existing report formats
  • Customizable subject lines to personalize remittance e-mail messaging
  • Reporting function to reprint available by Creditor or Batch ID
  • Email, print, or save remittances
  • Easily resend documents
  • Create a historical record of payment transactions

How do you benefit

  • Enhance efficiency and reduce efforts of accounting staff
  • Empower finance managers with swifter handling of paper-based processes
  • Better customer experience with personalized comments
  • Save paper costs
  • Better supplier query response times via instant retrieval of remittance advices
  • Improved regulatory compliance is a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner with over 3 decades of experience. Bring efficiency to your processes with our industry-leading solutions.


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