Batch and Document Management

Enhanced document management with refined searching options

What is Batch and Document Management (BDM)’s Batch and Document Management (BDM) add-on is a powerful Dexterity-based ‘look up’ application that enhances
the management of documents and batches throughout Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is easy to implement and
compatible across all Microsoft Dynamics GP versions.

How does this enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP

BDM replaces most of the standard enquiry windows throughout the Microsoft Dynamics GP system with an improved version – without affecting the underlying data in any way (as BDM only performs enquiries). This in-turn helps enhance your productivity and user-satisfaction.


Prominent features

  • Highly refined searching and filtering option with instant ‘single click’ sorting
  • Full drill down into specific transactions
  • Control of posting permissions from BDL-set up screen
  • BDL attachments for sales, purchasing, and financial documents
  • Exclude voided documents option
  • Export to Excel with all or selected columns
  • Attached images saved in SQL
  • Move documents between batches
  • Include or exclude Work and Open History
  • Restrict the view to show only documents from the last 30, 60, 90, or 365 days

How do you benefit

  • Enhance productivity, especially of those Microsoft Dynamics GP users, who work with high volumes of payables or receivables transactions
  • Empower accounts and audit staff with improved control and management
  • Reduce errors
  • Manage and reconcile payables and receivables in a fraction of the time
  • Better document and batch management
  • Improve customer and supplier relationships with faster handling of queries and reconciliations is a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner with over 3 decades of experience. Bring efficiency to your processes with our industry-leading solutions.


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