This blog explores how Advertising and Marketing Agencies can check items off their “want list” with evergreen + empower built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform.

In the early 2000’s, an advertising executive had the ability to read women’s minds. You may remember the movie. The concept is every marketer’s dream: the thoughts and feelings of your target audience in your reach. The power to understand what they want, but also what they may not even know they need.

While we can’t read your minds, in our experience working with Advertising and Marketing leaders and Professional Services organizations, we’ve identified some common wants and needs.

What agencies want

  1. New business and strong client relationships
  2. Profitable projects and high productivity
  3. Innovative, creative, and competitive offerings
  4. Effective use of talent
  5. Recruit and retain top talent
  6. A 360-degree view of the business

What agencies need to attain these wants

Want #1 – To win new business and build strong client relationships, agencies need to:

  1. Be equipped to identify and nurture new leads
  2. Act on client feedback and adapt to evolving client and market demands
  3. Effectively market and differentiate from competitors
  4. Partner strategically with clients and collaborate with other agencies to meet client needs
  5. Access client relationships to inform new business strategies and win repeat business

Want #2 – To ensure profitable projects and high productivity, agencies must:

  1. Understand the true value of clients to the business
  2. Stay competitive in the market while keeping expenses at a minimum and maintaining high profit margins
  3. Monitor resource capacity and utilization of talent
  4. Deliver projects more efficiently, with the ability to easily identify schedule overruns and overservicing risks

Want #3 – To go to market with innovative, creative, and competitive offerings, agencies need:

  1. The ability to structure competitive bids based on true project costs
  2. The time to focus on creative work and solution exploration over administrative tasks that do not add value

Want #4 – To effectively use their talent, agencies need to:

  1. Balance a strong talent pool while limiting costs by focusing on maintaining high utilization rates of billable staff
  2. Make time entry easy to maximize return on employee efforts and ensure accuracy
  3. Manage a remote workforce and subcontractors efficiently
  4. Have visibility into the project pipeline

Want #5 – To recruit and retain top talent, agencies must:

  1. Anticipate resource needs and gaps based on project pipeline to avoid burnout
  2. Effectively manage a remote workforce and community of subcontractors
  3. Make collaboration and communication simple
  4. Support work/life balance priorities and employee satisfaction with systems and policies

Want #6 – To create a 360-degree view of the business, agencies need:

  1. End-to-end availability of key business metrics to forecast profitability
  2. Global visibility into accounts, collaborations, geographics, and profitability to drive revenue recognition
  3. Integrated information and data from diverse sources
  4. Systems and processes that accommodate complex and variable billing arrangements while meeting security and compliance requirements

The technology agencies need: evergreen + empower built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

There is a common element that agencies need to achieve transformation. It’s data visibility through a connected experience. Another tool or system added to the existing patchwork won’t cut it. Only a single-platform solution integrating all processes, systems, and applications can provide the contextualized data necessary to make informed decisions. Decisions that could mean the difference between profit and loss, winning and losing, and growth and stagnation.

evergreen and empower built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform for Advertising and Marketing supports an agency’s transformation from bidding to billing and beyond.

Here’s how:

evergreen + empower is two connected families of cloud-based applications built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform.

  • evergreen is the transactional and processing engine for core functions such as project management, time, and billing, scheduling and onboarding that connects your teams, processes, and clients.
  • empower is a suite of productivity apps that integrates your data, processes, and business logic to empower your agency, people, and sales with relevant insights.
  • Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform, agencies get consistency and transparency, bringing all data together for accurate insight into clients, projects, finances, and employees.
  • As a true cloud solution, agencies control the move to cloud by determining scalability, costs, residency, customizations, configurations, integrations, and services in the Azure cloud that support today’s needs and future wants.
  • The modern experience of evergreen + empower can meet you where you are, as each is designed to work independently and can be deployed to your exact specifications.

It’s an end-to-end system that can provide visibility into your agencies business process from bidding to billing and beyond. As your agency looks to grow and transform alongside your clients, you’ll need to evaluate the role your technology plays. How can you leverage existing investments to move toward a single-platform solution?

Learn more about how evergreen and empower built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform is helping agencies enter the future, now.