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Modernize your agency, inspire your clients

evergreen is a powerful platform designed to shape and meld with your agency’s processes. Add your colors and brand for a bespoke, familiar experience native to Microsoft Teams. Meet staff where they’re already working to drive adoption and focus on best practices.

Microsoft Industry Cloud Solution

Engage your clients from proposal to invoice

The evergreen platform and empower solutions combine to create an entire bid-to-bill workflow, bespoke to how advertising and marketing agencies work.

Purpose-built for project-based businesses on the Microsoft Cloud, these solutions leverage’s decades of experience as a leading Microsoft partner.

Microsoft Cloud solution for Advertising and Marketing
Stay informed and updated on clients to ensure a smooth transition from bid all the way through to final invoice.
Develop meaningful client connections with a complete view of who-knows-who.
Leverage signature scraping to find, access, and complete client information automatically.
Synchronize data to keep in step with any changes in client relationship management systems.
Manage projects with Microsoft Teams

Manage projects in style

Manage projects in one place, from Microsoft Teams, to create a fully bespoke and incredibly collaborative workspace. With evergreen, you can easily send documents and check in on which tasks have been completed or still need to be done, all from the hub.

Built for collaboration

Enable your agency to do more and make effective, data-driven decisions faster.
empower assistant helps teams find what they’re looking for with a simple command or prompt.
Managers can receive updates as they occur to stay on top of projects and meaningfully engage with clients.
Microsoft Cloud solution for Advertising and Marketing
Microsoft Industry Cloud Solution

A simple solution to complex billing

Agencies often work with contractors, media, and a complex retinue of clientele. evergreen + empower is equipped to manage multiple fee structures. Invoice clients with the confidence that your finance data is accurate every hour of every day.

Accurate timekeeping and a fully automated project management solution ensure invoices are correct and always up-to-date. Everything is connected, from specialist timekeeping to project management and invoicing, to provide a seamless, simplified, and synchronized experience.

Keep time your way

Careful and considered timekeeping is central to billing clients and tracking project expenditures. With evergreen + empower:


Track hours on projects with a track-as-you-work timer, retrospectively, or leverage the suggested time application to fill gaps in billed time.


Enjoy life in the cloud with Microsoft 365 Suite, enabling teams to work from anywhere and take advantage of hybrid working.


Let the automated system track each project’s time in the background in synch with the rest of your team.


Enable managers to easily set hourly or day rates on a per-role, per-client, or per-project basis.'s Industry cloud solutions for project tracking

Up and running with an MVP in three months

Go from signing the contract to an MVP launch in three months with fully available post-launch support for maximum usability.

sa.go! takes your agency from zero to hero as quickly as possible to transform the way you work with interconnected data embedded within the Microsoft Cloud.

evergreen and empower are native to the applications that your team uses daily, making the transition as painless as possible.'s Industry cloud solutions for project tracking

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